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FO: Wavy Blanket (with a Baby)

This was the last project I finished in 2014. It’s for a fellow childminder and friend who had a gorgeous little boy, Leon, last Thursday.

RP 15I used DROPS Muskat to knit this pattern. And before I even started I had a question for the designer Laura Aylor and she responded within 2 or 3 minutes clarifying my question, what amazing service!

RP 16

I doubled the stitches as I wanted to make sure it was the right width, which actually turned it into a massive blanket. It means that the stripes are going vertical rather than horizontal, but I actually think it worked out really well.

RP 17

My friend wanted rainbow colours, so I picked these primary colour with the white wave going through.

RP 18

I added a crochet border using all the colours that I used in the blanket.

RP 19

I didn’t realise how big the blanket actually was until I took it off my needles…although I had wondered why it was taking me so long :-).

RP 20

I LOVE how this turned out, the colours go so really well together and the wave just makes it so pretty. It’s an easy pattern to learn, but the shortened rows mean that one of the stripes actually took a while due to having to go back and forth.

RP 21

And my friend loves it, she’s already had loads of compliments on the blanket.

RP 22 RP 23

And would you look at this gorgeous little boy wrapped in this amazing blanket!

RP 24