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FO: Mittens

I want to write a very quick post today as I am out this evening. In December 2013 a mummy friend ordered mittens with a string for her husband’s colleague who was visiting from the US.

UA 1

I used this DROPS Design pattern, which knit up really quickly in just a day.

UA 2

I can’t actually remember what yarn I used, but I do know that I doubled the yarn to make the mittens warmer.

UA 3For the string I even knit an i-cord…I didn’t even do that for Luke’s mittens :-).

UA 4

Pattern: Mittens by DROPS Design.
Yarn: Unknown yarn.
Needle size: 3.5mm
Knitting time: 13 December 2013.


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FO: Hat and Glove Combo

Last Winter a friend who has a son in one of the other Kindergarten’s asked me to knit a hat and matching mittens for her son. I knitted both, and then realised that both the hat and the mittens were way too small. So, I started again.

W 1

I used this DROPS Design pattern, but amended it slightly. Mainly I left out the crochet edge and visor.

W 2

Another friend had give her the yarn, so I needed to find a pattern that would fit the yarn. She was keen to have a hat that would go over her son’s ears and for him to be able to close it.

W 3

For the mittens I used another DROPS Design pattern, and yes I know I am very predictable, always going back to their patterns, but they are simply brilliant!

W 4

My friend wanted to make sure her son wouldn’t lose the mittens, so she asked me to add a string, which is something we always had as kids and I’ve always done with Luke’s mittens.

W 5

After the initial disaster, both fit very well and my friend loved them.

W 6

And here are both in all their glory.

W 7


Pattern: Mittens by DROPS Design.
Yarn: Unknown yarn.
Needle size: 8mm
Knitting time: 15 December 2014.

Pattern: Hat by DROPS Design.
Yarn: Unknown yarn.
Needle size: 8mm
Knitting time: 15 December 2014.

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FO: Toddler Mittens

Yet another post about knitted items for my friend with two daughters, these mittens were made for her first daughter last year.

EBA 27

I LOVE this pattern, although I adjusted it and instead of using single thread DROPS Fabel I went with two threads of DROPS Alpaca.

EBA 28My friend picked the colour combo, but then I knitted them up with the turquoise and white for the rib and the same colour at the tip of the hand and the thumb, which give a really nice effect I think.

EBA 29And of course, I added an i-cord string to the mittens so that they can be put through the sleeves of the jacket, to make sure that they didn’t get lost.

EBA 30

I also made her a hat last year, which I posted about here.

EBA 31

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FO Friday: Two Sets of Wrist Warmers

Early this year I made two sets of wrist warmers for a good German friend of mine. I used this pattern for the first set.

RS 5

I LOVE this pattern, the intricateness and laciness of it. It was a pleasure to knit it and I think it looks even better finished.

RS 6

My friend picked the colour and I love it, I would actually like a pair for myself in this colour.

RS 7

While the pattern is easy to knit it was a little time consuming, maybe because back when I was knitting them I hadn’t knitted in the round for a little while.

RS 8

My friend loved them, especially the colour and how pretty the lace turned out.

RS 9

The second pair of wrist warmers I knitted for my friend was this pattern.

RS 1

I used DROPS Alpaca for this pair and I simply love the colour.

RS 2

These were a little more delicate and very, very soft. I am not a huge fan of the lace of this pattern, but overall the pattern works really well I think.

RS 3

But I do love the edges, they just add a little extra prettiness.

RS 4