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FO: Trouser and Vest Combination

Last year a friend who’s son I used to look after had another baby boy. I knit up this trouser and vest combination, using cotton yarn.

I was able to use some leftover DROPS Muskat cotton yarn that I had in my stash, and I love the colours I was able to put together.

It’s a great pattern from the DROPS Design team, which I have been eyeing up for a while, but this is the first time I’ve made it.

The pattern, like a lot of the DROPS Design patterns, is knitted in the round. But this one is knitted from the waist down. This can be very useful when wanting to adjust length, but in this case I stuck to the 6-9 months sizing.

The ribbing at the top continues down the outside of each leg and finishes in the cuffs at the bottom. This makes these trousers quite stretchy.

The second item I made for my friend was a little vest/waistcoat to match.

This is another DROPS Design pattern that I’ve had on my radar for a while, but yet again this is the first time I have knitted it.

It’s a great and very simple vest, but I love the sweet little details of the picot edging, which I love on a baby boy as much as on a baby girl.

I picked these blues and stripes as they look adorable on little babies.

And here are both garments together. I was very pleased with them and my friend loved them too for her little man.

 Baby trousers by DROP Design.
Yarn: DROPS Muskat in blue, apple green and light mint.
Needle size: 4.5mm
Knitting time: 25th-28th April 2016.

 Honey Suckle by DROP Design.
Yarn: DROPS Safran in navy blue and light blue purple.
Needle size: 2.5mm
Knitting time: 23rd-25th April 2016.

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FO: Fancy Little Waistcoat

In November 2015 I friend who I had previously made a booties and beanie combo for (for her first son) had another son. So I decided to use up some of my leftover yarn and made her a little waistcoat for her second little man.


Regular readers of the blog will know that I’ve made this waistcoat a few times before. Predictably it’s a DROPS pattern.


As I had a lot of DROPS Baby Merino left in these colours and shades I decided to try using them and made up the combinations as I went along.


I think a plain white one would have been very boring, but I like the little accents the grey and black bring to the waistcoat.


I used some buttons from my stash, which work very well with this combination.


I love this little waistcoat, I am able to knit this in a couple of days, which makes it another perfect little gift to knit for someone expecting a boy. And it’s great for using up leftover yarn!


 Junior by DROPS Design.
Yarn: DROPS Baby Merino in white, off white, black and grey.
Needle size: 3mm
Knitting time: 27-29th November 2015.

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FO’s: Two Waistcoats

Back in February 2014 I got a bunch of wool from a friend who runs an amazing company, Punk Me Up Buttercup. I then made her a little waistcoat for her son.

So, I used this DROPS pattern that I’ve used a few times before and since. But I actually made a huge mistake with this first waistcoat, and made the armholes way too big. So I knit another one in yellow.

TP 7

TP 12

I love this pattern, it knits up really quickly, and apart from sewing up the shoulder seams and the fake pockets there is no other sewing. How great is that?

TP 8

I had these lovely yellow buttons in my stash and don’t they look sweet with this yellow waistcoat?

TP 9

The little pockets are very sweet, but really they are just for effect.

TP 10

TP 13

The double moss stitch at the top of the waistcoat is really sweet and gives the finished vest a little bit more structure.

TP 11

This yarn, which was Rowan pure wool 4 ply was really nice to knit with and I like the finished effect of it too.

TP 14

 Junior by DROPS Design.
Yarn: ROWAN pure wool 4 ply.
Needle size: 3.5mm
Knitting time: February 2014.

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FO: Granddad Waistcoat

A good friend from where we lived in North London has a son who is the same age as Luke and I knitted him a little granddad waistcoat in November 2013.

RM 8

There are very few boy patterns out there that I love as much as this one. And I have knitted a few of them, for Luke and for other people’s children.

RM 9

I love this navy blue, and I used DROPS Baby Merino for it, like the DROPS pattern called for.

RM 10

The other great thing about it is that it knits up really quickly, even though the yarn calls for a 3mm needle size.

RM 11

The buttons were in my stash, but were ordered from TextileGarden at some point.

RM 12

I love the simple stockinette stitch of the bottom of the waistcoat and then the double moss stitch at the top, it makes it look extra chic.

RM 13And of course the best part is that the only sewing up that’s needed is the shoulders and the pockets. Genius!

RM 14


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FO’s: Another 17 Vests

Back in July I posted about the 19 vests I knitted for milliemanu last year. Well this year I knitted another 17 vests for her, it’s the same pattern as last year, but she picked some other colour combinations, as you will see now.

Vest One

Vest Two

Vest Three

Vest Four

Vest Five

Vest Six

Vest Seven

Vest Eight

Vest Nine

Vest Ten

Vest Eleven

Vest Twelve

Vest Thirteen

Vest Fourteen

Vest Fifteen

Vest Sixteen

Vest Seventeen

And here are some shots of some of them together.

CR 311 CR 312 CR 313 CR 314 CR 355 CR 356 CR 387

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FO: Vest for One Cheeky Boy

Almost a year ago a good friend asked me to knit her son a vest. He is one of Luke’s good friend and I gifted him a vest on his first birthday, I blogged about it here. My friend loved it so much she wanted a new one as he’d outgrown the other.

It’s this DROPS pattern, and it’s one of the few that I am not a massive fan of. If it is made with just one colour it’s fine, but you basically have to knit the main vest and then pick up everywhere for the edges, which got very tedious. However, it turned out lovely I think.

KA 10

My friend picked the colour and I really love it. It’s so nice and vibrant and unusual at the same time. It’s also a great yarn, the DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk, which is 70% alpaca and 30% silk. Lovely and soft!

KA 12

Even though I love the yarn I am not 100% happy with how it knits up. I think it could be more even, but I think that’s because the yarn is actually very, very thin.

KA 13

The buttons are from my stash, bought from TextileGarden and just waiting for the right project.

KA 14

The vest was definitely well received and my friends son looks absolutely adorable in it!

KA 16 KA 15

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FO: Twin Waistcoats

Late last year an old work colleague of mine asked me to knit a pair of matching grandfather waistcoats for her adorable twin boys. I used one of my favourite patterns for boys from the team at DROPS. I’ve knitted this pattern a few times, for Luke, my nephew and for a few other people. It always looks adorable when little boys wear it and it is a great, easy and quick knit.

My friend picked the grey, which works really well and I decided to use similar buttons, they just had a different tint to them, one set yellow and the other set green. And look at the gorgeous boys in their waistcoats, and aren’t they just so very handsome!

Two adorable boys in two lovely waistcoats!

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Blogtoberfest #6: FO: Etsy Order – Vest

I got an order via Etsy the other week for two items, the tried and tested vest and a jumpsuit, which I’m currently still knitting. Lots of people seem to be really interested in the vest, which is great, as it’s a really quick knit.

It’s funny because this is the exact same one that I knitted for Luke last year and he still wears it loads. In fact, he’s been wearing it the last week as we had pretty cold weather.

I love how the cable worked out (especially after I only tried them last year), now I love knitting them.

I also love the garter stitch on the back, as it seems quite unusual. Normally I would go for a stockinette stitch, but because of the cables on the front, the back needs to be in garter stitch. I actually think it looks really good.

And I added some gorgeous buttons that I ordered from Textile Garden, I think they’re really cute, they would work even better if the vest was green, don’t you think. So, it just remains for me to finish knitting the jumpsuit, then I can post it and hope that the person who ordered it loves them both!

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Blogtoberfest #4 FO: Waistcoat for my Nephew

While I was in Germany at my mother’s during the Olympics I managed to knit a couple of projects. One of them was this grandfather waistcoat, which I knitted for my nephew’s second birthday.

It’s the old, tried and tested pattern, which I love kniting, mainly because there’s not much sewing up to do. It’s basically only the shoulders and the pockets.

This time around I made the pockets a little bit longer so that they’re more use on this waistcoat rather than them being just for show.

I love the colour of this waiscoat, it’s light enough to wear with any colour be that light or dark. As usual I can’t show you pictures of my nephew wearing it as my brother and his wife prefer not to have pictures of their kids online.