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FO Friday: Toddler Cardigan

A good friend of mine who regularly orders things for her girls, put in another order, this time for a cardigan for her eldest daughter in November of this year (on a side note we went to her daughters birthday party last weekend).

It’s a lovely pattern, and one I had to pick from the DROPS Children patterns rather than the DROPS Baby range.

EBA 50

EBA 54

The pattern is knitted with two strands of DROPS Alpaca, so it has a lovely soft quality. The two strands mean that it was a very quick knit, using a 4.5mm needle.

EBA 51

My friend picked the colour, which I absolutely love. It’s so nice and not typically girly, but looks so gorgeous when knitted up.

EBA 52 EBA 53

I used some buttons that I had in my stash, which I love too. They just add extra beauty to the cardigan.

EBA 55

And the shirring at the top is created by knitting the double strands in single strands, it creates a very pretty effect.

EBA 56

And here’s an FO appreciation photo of my friends daughter wearing her new cardigan, and another one of her and her sister, both of them wearing my creations.

EBA 57 EBA 58

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FO: Beanies Galore

Last years orders from milliemanu also included some beanies. I knitted 12 of them, 7 pink ones and 5 blue ones. This was a nice and quick knit with DROPS Karisma, and without further ado I’m just going to post the pictures.

Hat One

Hat Two

Hat Three

Hat Four

Hat Five

Hat Six

Hat Seven

Hat Eight

Hat Nine

Hat Ten

Hat Eleven

Hat Twelve

And here’s a few pictures of the pile of beanies.


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FO: Toddler Cardigan

Here’s  cardigan I knitted back in June last year as a sample for the owner and founder of milliemanu. She’s the one I’ve been knitting all the vests (and more) and lots of boleros for, I’ll be posting about them all in the next few days.

CR 15 CR 16

It’s this DROPS pattern, which I have knitted before a few times. Although this is the first time I added the little velvet trim. It’s just a plain garter stitch, but the little details like the crochet border and some nice buttons do add a little nice touch.

CR 17 CR 18 CR 20

I do love the colour, and I am amazed that almost every time I’ve knitted this cardigan the request has been for this colour.

CR 19 CR 21

And this cardigan was for milliemanu’s daughter, which I am sure she was pleased with.

CR 22

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FO Appreciation

I keep missing all the prompts for WIP Wednesday and FO Friday. So, today to kick-start my blogging I am posting a sweet picture of a cardigan that I made for my best friends little boy (he’s a not so little 3 years old now) and now it has been passed on to his little sister.


Looks adorable doesn’t she?

And this is her brother wearing the cardigan when he was younger.

KMB 15


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FO’s: The Many Hats of Luke Prasad

I am still playing catch-up posting about all the many things I’ve knitted for my son Luke, so I thought today I should focus on some of the many, many hats I’ve made for him since he was born nearly three years ago now.

One of the first hats was this little yellow and white cotton one, which is this pattern.

Unfortunately I don’t seem to have a picture of Luke wearing this one when he was a baby, but don’t worry there will be many other pictures of him with the following hats.

This next hat I knitted when we thought we were having a baby girl, you’d think 4 different sonographers telling you so, at various times in the pregnancy couldn’t be wrong? Well they were :-). So, it’s a purple hat, but whoever said purple is only for girls? And it’s this lovely pattern.

Actually Luke might have only worn this once, but I still managed to get a picture.

This next little number I just knitted up without a pattern.

I actually think Luke looks quite funny in the picture wearing the hat, mainly because he’s got all the other woollen things on that I’ve knitted for him. Maybe not the best look :-).

Another bonnet style one, which he only wore once, as it was quite small. It’s this pattern.

The next hat was a little Summer hat I knitted when Luke and I were at my mum’s aka Oma’s house. My husband and his mother (grandma) later on lost the hat, but that just meant I had to knit another one. this is the pattern I used.

And doesn’t Luke look gorgeous in this hat?

Since this hat I’ve been knitting the right size of hat for Luke, but they always seem to end up way too big. So I just keep making new ones. This is the pattern for this one.

The only time Luke wore this beret hat was when I took these picture. But it’s waiting for him in a drawer when it does finally fit.

Then there’s this next one, which is great as it can be closed with a button. I love knitting the pattern as well as it’s very quick.

This is actually one hat that Luke does wear, but it is still very big on him. But he still likes it.

The next one has actually been Luke’s favourite hat for the last year, but it’s this is one that’s now actually getting too small. It’s this pattern.

And then we get to earlier this Winter when I decided to make a balaclava style hat. It’s a great hat and the pattern is quite a nice one, but again it’s too big. I think Luke just has a very, very small head :-).

Luke actually loves this hat, but again it’s a little bit big. But I don’t really see this as a problem as he’ll grow into it.

Finally, the last hat, which I just finished this weekend. It’s another version of the one that fit so well this entire last year, but it’s a little bit big. Nonetheless he’s wearing it today.


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FO: Cable Coat

Remember I posted about the red cable coat earlier this month? Well, my friend Heidy liked it so much she asked me to knit one for her daughter Sophia. So, I managed to do just that a couple of weeks ago. For this one I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking. (Also, because I just spent 20 odd minutes writing up the post and it didn’t save for some reason).

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FO: Birthday Cardigan for my Niece

Apologies for the silence, I’ve been busy, or rather I’ve been away. We went to visit my brother in Germany last week and Luke finally got to meet is cousins Clara and Yoan. It was great! My mum also came for a few days so it was a lovely family get together. Before we went I managed to finish knitting the cardigan I was making for Clara’s 3rd birthday on 28th April. And here it is.

I love this pattern, and I only encountered it by mistake. I was meant to be knitting something else and then found this one. As you’ve guessed it’s another Garnstudio pattern and it was a great one to knit as there were no seams.

I love the cables on this cardigan, I think they look fantastic and just make the cardigan that extra special.

And the buttons are from my last button buying spree. They are mother of pearl buttons with blue colour on it and little flowers, gorgeous, right? The cardigan fits my niece well (unfortunately I haven’t got a photo to show you), so you’ll have to take my word for it. In the meantime here are some more pictures of the cardigan.

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WIP Wednesday

I’ve got quite a few finished projects that I hope to be showing you over the next few days, but in the meantime I just startet on a new hat for Luke.

I’m using up some of my DROPS Safran leftovers, some of it from the cardigan that I’ve just finished. And have a look at what a nice combination of colours they are.

It’s this hat pattern, which is really easy so far and will continue to be I’m sure.