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FO: Sweet Baby Dress

Last week I showed one of the Taiga Hilliard dresses I have knitted, here is another one.


This is the Marian dress, which is yet another brilliantly written pattern from Taiga Hilliard. Taiga writes her patterns very well, they are easy to follow for American, British and any other knitters.


My favourite part about the patterns is that there is absolutely minimal sewing at the end. for this one it was just adding crochet hoops for the buttons and sewing in ends, and then sewing on buttons, that was it! Brilliant!

nb-3 nb-4

I had these sweet little buttons in my stash, they fit perfectly, matching the lacy pattern down the middle of the front and back panels of the dress. Although I don’t think they are very easy to close…oops.


It’s so sweet how the detail of that lacy pattern fans out to create the fuller skirt.

I made this for a really old friend, who is actually the daughter of my kindergarten teacher. She was kind enough to send me some pictures of her sweet little girl wearing her dress.

nb-13 nb-14 nb-15

 Marian Dress by Taiga Hilliard.
Yarn: DROPS Cotton Viscose in light grey green.
Needle size: 3.5mm
Knitting time: 20th-21st March 2016.

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FO: Kid Tunic (FO Appreciation Pic Included)

A good friend, who has two children, both of whom I childminded a couple of years ago, saw this post and asked if I could knit her daughter a tunic too. I was only too happy to oblige.

AA 1 AA 8

It’s funny really, I’ve had this pattern in my Ravelry queue for ages and once I knit one of these, I then got another order for one and made one for a friend as a gift in the space of two months.

AA 2 AA 9

I went back to my DROPS Belle yarn, mainly because I love the composition of it, the cotton, linen and viscose mix has a lovely feel to it. It’s really nice to knit up as it’s very soft, but the finished garment really holds it’s shape.

AA 5 AA 13

My friend picked the colours, and they work very well together and really suit her little girl!

AA 10

I decreased less stitches before the cuff of the sleeve as they seemed a little tight on the previous version that I knitted.

AA 4 AA 12

I love the pockets on this tunic, they work so well, especially with the contrast. In fact, I have taken a shine to pockets and a garment I finished recently (my own pattern), just needed pockets to complete it!

The buttons I had in my stash, but they came from TextileGarden, and don’t they match perfectly?

My friend was kind enough to send me a picture of her gorgeous girl wearing her new tunic, isn’t she sweet?

AA 16

 Bulle by Oomieknits.
Yarn: DROPS Belle in moss green and cherry.
Needle size: 4mm
Knitting time: 29th February – 4th March 2016.


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FO: Peachy Dress on the Cutest Little Darling Girl

Earlier this year an old friend and colleague asked me to knit something for her niece Charlotte. And lucky for me she picked one of my favourite dress patterns from DROPS.

BT 1

I love knitting this pattern. It’s easy enough that I don’t have to concentrate hugely when knitting, but is interesting at the same time, creating a lovely lace skirt and top. My friend didn’t want sleeves on it and I actually think it works much better without sleeves. That way it can be worn either with a little shirt or T-shirt underneath or if it is hot enough without.

BT 2

My friend picked the colours and I am really pleased how well the peachy colour works with the white. I then decided on the colours for the flower and I think it just adds a little bit extra with that deep red.

BT 3

Because I used the DROPS Safran cotton it was really nice to knit as well, especially as I knit it earlier in the Summer when it was a little bit warmer. It makes such a difference not to have knit with wool when it is warm/hot.

BT 4

For the border I used a straightforward picot crochet stitch that gives it a nice, girly finish.

BT 5

Doesn’t the little skirt look great with that lacy pattern? Due to its width it does take a little longer to knit, but it is definitely worth it for the end result.

BT 6

And here’s a view from the back, you can really see how nice the back bit looks here.

BT 7 BT 8 BT 9 BT 10

Just yesterday my friend send me pictures of her gorgeous niece wearing the dress, and I just had to share them with you. Isn’t she just the cutest little girl?

BT 12 BT 11