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2012 in Review: October – December

Here’s the final installment of the projects I posted about in 2012.

Blogtoberfest #31 FO: More Booties

Blogtoberfest #31 FO: More Booties

Blogtoberfest #27 FO Appreciation Pictures

Blogtoberfest #26 FO: Last Seasons Gloves

Blogtoberfest #25 FO: More Booties

Blogtoberfest #23 FO: Fancy Dress

Blogtoberfest #17 FO: Baby Socks

Blogtoberfest #15 FO: Etsy Order: Jumpsuit

Blogtoberfest #13 FO: Baby Blanket

Blogtoberfest #12 FO: Booties

Blogtoberfest #6: FO: Etsy Order – Vest

Blogtoberfest #4 FO: Waistcoat for my Nephew

Blogtoberfest #3 Third Time Lucky

FO: My Purple Hat

FO Appreciation Photo

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FO Appreciation Photo

Sorry for the long break in posts these lasts few weeks. I’ve been very busy knitting, and teaching my craft group.

So, in the meantime, here’s a very sweet picture of gorgeous Sophia wearing the dress I made for her first birthday, I wrote about it here.

And if anyone is interested in ordering this or another item from my shop, you can head over to Etsy.


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Blogtoberfest #23 FO: Fancy Dress

I made this little dress for my friend’s little girls first birthday, you might remember seeing her in the cable coat recently. It’s the Drops pattern that I also used when I made this for the little girl of an old client of mine.

I love this pattern, I was a little worried about the lace-like pattern of the skirt initially as it seemed like it might be really difficult and I’d have to pay real attention to it. However, that wasn’t the case, it actually flew off the needles.

The lace-like pattern at the top was also really easy to knit and I finished it surprisingly quickly.

I love the wrap over style of the dress, I bet it’s really handy to put on as it probably slides over the head just like that.

I do like the colour, but when I ordered it initially I thought it would be a bit darker, but I think it actually looks really nice.

And I added the crochet flower at the end, it just adds that little bit extra.

I am still hoping to get a picture of Sophia wearing it, as I’m sure she’ll look gorgeous in it.

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FO: Cable Coat

Remember I posted about the red cable coat earlier this month? Well, my friend Heidy liked it so much she asked me to knit one for her daughter Sophia. So, I managed to do just that a couple of weeks ago. For this one I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking. (Also, because I just spent 20 odd minutes writing up the post and it didn’t save for some reason).