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FO: Baby Sleep Sack

Back before Max was born I wanted to knit him a sleep sack to keep him snugly warm the first few months. Little did I know that he was going to grow out of it within a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, here it is:

MP 43

I used this pattern as a basis, but changed it up a bit. Instead of adding buttons at the bottom I sewed it up to make it extra cosy.

MP 44

I also added in some extra cables going up as I love the look of them, especially with this gorgeous DROPS Merino Extra Fine yarn.

MP 45

I also made the rib at the top a little bit longer to make it a bit of tighter fit. And I found some lovely turquoise buttons in my stash. Although in hindsight they are a little bit to small for the size of the buttonholes.

MP 46I changed up the straps too and instead of making them cables I continued into rip straps, and again, in hindsight, I would have probably made them a little bit wider.

MP 48 MP 49

But it wasn’t really a problem as I just used the sleep sack with crossed over straps.

As my boy was such a big boy when he was born and grew quickly (and continues to do so), I only got one picture of him in it.

MP 50

Pattern: Cuddly Cables Sleep Sack by Lynne Sanderson
Yarn: DROPS Merino Extra Fine in light grey blue.
Needle size: 3.5mm
Knitting time: 19th to 22nd February 2015.