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FO: 2 x Beanies and Booties

Back in July 2015 a friend ordered two beanie and booties combinations from me that she was going to gift on to other friends.

I used this pattern that I’ve used many, many times and to be honest I didn’t really need to follow it exactly as I remember it all perfectly.

For both I used DROP Muskat, one set in navy blue and light olive and the other in navy blue and light mint.

I used the same colour combination for the booties.

The booties are my version of the Saartjes Bootees pattern, which I should really write up and share. I normally manage to knit them up in 2 hours, which is pretty good going I think.

AM 20

Both were well received as far as I understand.

AM 28

 My own.
Yarn: DROPS Muskat in navy blue and light olive, navy blue and ligth mint.
Needle size: 3-4mm
Knitting time: 13th-16th July 2015.

 DROPS Hat by DROPS Design.
Yarn: DROPS Muskat in navy blue and light olive, navy blue and ligth mint.
Needle size: 3-4mm
Knitting time: 13th-16th July 2015.

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FO: Lacy Baby Dress (with Baby)

In March 2013 I knitted my best friend’s little girl a purple lacy dress as a belated birthday present.

KMB 73

I knitted this lovely Little Liza Jane dress, which is a great pattern.

KMB 75

It’s really straightforward pattern, with some nice added touches. Like the lace going up the skirt, and an added picot border at the bottom.

KMB 74

And for the bodice a lovely cable pattern.

KMB 76

I knitted this in DROPS Muskat, a nice cotton yarn that has a lovely sheen to it.

KMB 78

I also knit a pair of booties, using my version of Saartjes Bootees, adding a little extra touch to it.

KMB 79 KMB 80 KMB 81

And here is the dress with the booties, I am really pleased with how they turned out.

KMB 82

My friend send me some photos of her sweet girl wearing the dress…and doesn’t she just look adorable in it?

KMB 85

KMB 84 KMB 83


Pattern: Little Liza Jane by Alison Green.
Yarn: DROPS Muskat in purple..
Needle size: 4mm
Knitting time: March 2014.

Pattern: My version of Saartjes Bootees by Saartje de Brujin.
Yarn: DROPS Muskat in dark purple and lilac.
Needle size: 3mm
Knitting time: March 2014.

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FO: Gorgeous Baby wearing Booties

An ex-colleague of mine had a little girl earlier this year and I knitted her a pair of my old favourite, my version of Saartjes Bootees.


I don’t need to explain these much anymore, I guess?

KCW 2I used some leftover DROPS Muskat for these and matched the pink sole with the red top.


I still love these booties, especially as they can be worn by either baby boy or baby girl (maybe in a different colour combination?)


And of course I made a box for them to be kept safe when posting and maybe even as a keepsake when they don’t fit baby anymore.


My friend was kind enough to send me her gorgeous girl wearing them, and doesn’t she look adorable and very pleased with herself? I love how she’s holding her little hands…too cute.


Pattern: My version of Saartjes Bootees by Saartje de Brujin.
Yarn: DROPS Muskat in red and old pink.
Needle size: 3mm
Knitting time: 18th-20th April 2015.

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FO: Baby Booties

Earlier this year I made another pair of booties for an ex-colleague of mine who had a beautiful baby girl.


Back when I knit these I didn’t know that it would be a girl, so I went with a unisex white and yellow combination.


Since my friend lived in California at the time I also used cotton yarn rather than wool, just to make sure that they wouldn’t be too hot for the baby.


Regular readers of my blog will know this pattern, and it’s my version of Saartjes Bootees, which I actually need to write up as it much quicker than the original pattern.

KJW 4And of course they also got their own box.


Pattern: My version of Saartjes Bootees.
Yarn: DROPS Muskat in yellow and white.
Needle size: 3mm
Knitting time: 16th April 2015.

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My Booties in a Maternity Photo Shoot

A friend who had a baby girl in December received some booties from me earlier in the year, see my blog post about them here. And my friend used them in her maternity photo shoot, and isn’t it just adorable?

Brittany Cusick

The photo was taken by Christen Tello Grugnale who runs Reflections by Christen.

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 9th July

Wishful thinking…hoping to get some knitting done in the sunshine.

Tuesday, 10th July

Olympic coins given to Luke at Forest School.

Wednesday, 11th July

First pillow and duvet, with funky circus linen.

Thursday, 12th July

Just discovered a new cupboard…oh what great toys!

Friday, 13th July

Luke’s ever growing shoe collection.

Saturday, 14th July

Off on his trike.

Sunday, 15th July

More flowers on my tomato plants, should see some tomatoes soon!

Inspired by Just Shell.

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FO: Booties

I’ve had a look through a huge number of pictures of FOs that I’ve finished over the last year or two years. I think I’ll start scheduling some of them for when we’re in Australia. At least then I know that there’ll be content going up on the blog and I don’t need to worry about it. In the meantime, here’s a pair of booties that I made for a friend who wanted to gift it to a colleague.

This is my pattern and its still my go to pattern for a quick knit that can be finished in an evening (pretty much). If you’d like to get hold of the pattern, let me know or have a look on Ravelry.

I’ve had a quick look and 454 people have favoured it on Ravelry that’s pretty good isn’t it?

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Green with Envy – Blogtoberfest: Day Six

Here’s a little outfit that I blogged about in early February,  it was for my best friends little boy, who has featured on this blog already. It’s from a Burda Style pattern that I’ve sewed a couple of times, which is really easy to make. My friend, who’s staying with us for the next five days with her gorgeous little boy, Tom, was kind enough to send me some pictures of Tom wearing them.

And doesn’t he just look adorable in them? I’m really pleased with the colour and how the pockets make the forest green look even greener (can I say that?). Here’s another picture of the little man with his Grandma, Zita.

Did you also notice his little socks? They’re made by me as well.

It’s just a straightforward baby sock pattern and one that I’m going to be knitting again soon as I need to make some socks for Luke for the winter that is fast approaching and a couple for Christmas for some kids as well.