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Blogtoberfest #29 Seven Little Moments

Monday, 22nd October

Our spider friend outside the living room window.

Tuesday, 23rd October

Spot the Luke in the fog and another gorgeous dewy spidersweb.

Wednesday, 24th October

Mud fun…during…and after!

Thursday, 25th October

Autumnal colours.

Friday, 26th October

‘Ordering’ lunch with Erin and Isla.

Saturday, 27th October

Found this picture on our PC, such a nice one I think.

Sunday, 28th October

Time for some knitting.

Inspired by Just Shell.

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Blogtoberfest #22 Seven Little Moments

Monday, 15th October
Luke and Stella riding along.

Tuesday, 16th October
Beautiful Greenwich Park and autumnal views.

Wednesday, 17th October
Our favourite coffee shop in Charlton Park.

Thursday, 18th October
Cool graffiti on a lovely red British post box.

Friday, 19th October
The kids enjoying our new venue for Tots + Toast.

Saturday, 20th October
Visit to Borough Market.

Sunday, 21st October
Excited about the box for my swap partner.

Inspired by Just Shell.

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Blogtoberfest #11 Seven Little Moments

Monday, 8th October

Luke and his new love Stella leaving German Group (Kleine Piraten).

Tuesday, 9th October

Autum really is here.

Wednesday, 10th October

Our fruit for the week, trying to keep our diet high in vitamin C.

Thursday, 11th October

Greenwich Park in the autumn.

Friday, 12th October

We’re ready for Winter, Luke’s long johns, tights and woollen tops have arrived, ordered from Bio-BabyWelt.

Saturday, 13th October

Luke’s not too happy about being at The Knitting and Stitching Show.

Sunday, 14th October

Luke’s love of slides goes as far as going down these for kids much, much older than him.


Inspired by Just Shell.

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Blogtoberfest #2 Seven Little Moments

Monday 1st October

Slide action shot.

Tuesday, 2nd October

A visit to Ikea (it was actually on the weekend, but I loved the action shot).

Wednesday, 3rd October

Visit from Oma.

Thursday, 4th October


Friday, 5th October

Luke’s obsessed with babies and he was allowed to ‘hold’ little Sara. Although her sister Emilie was keeping a watchful eye.

Saturday, 6th October

Visit to Greenwich Park with Papa and Mama.

Sunday, 7th October

Little man wrapped up warm, pointing at the squirrels.

Inspired by Just Shell.

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Seven Little Moments

Sorry all about the longer than expected hiatus. I thought I’d reinstate my Seven Little Moments posts, so here’s an update on our last week.

Monday, 10th September

Visit from our good friend Greg who Luke LOVED.

Tuesday, 11th September

More bonding with Greg, this time over a newspaper.

Wednesday, 12th September

Catch up with Myron who we haven’t seen for ages.

Thursday, 13th September

My little pixie.

Friday, 14th September

The Royal Barge from the Jubilee earlier this year.

Saturday, 15th September

Starting early (with Grandma).

Sunday, 16th September

Luke loving his huge animal themed book.

Inspired by Just Shell.

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 2nd July

Just waking up from a nap.

Tuesday, 3rd July

Back to his usual self, at Forest School.

Wednesday, 4th July


Thursday, 5th July

Poppies on the way to ‘Acorns‘ our Thursday Rudolf Steiner playgroup.

Friday, 6th July

A cool graffiti artwork on the way to the shops.

Saturday, 7th July

A star in the making.

Sunday, 8th July

Torrential rain in Greenwich, at least we were spared the floods that occurred around the UK last week.

Inspired by Just Shell.

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 25th June

Something ate all my strawberry flowers, so that means no strawberries for us :-(.

Tuesday, 26th June

Poor Luke’s week went a little like this…loads of time spent on the sofa.


Wednesday, 27th June

Summer fruit, shame about the weather here in England.

Thursday, 28th June

Yes, it is indeed a red tomato, or at least getting red.

Friday, 29th June

Ready to get the dressing removed.

Saturday, 30th June

The boys together again.

Sunday, 1st July

Gorgeous sunflower.

Inspired by Just Shell.

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 11th June

Luke’s new travel cot, bought in preparation for our trip to escape the Olympics end of July beginning of August.

Tuesday, 12th June

My little helper.

Wednesday, 13th June

We found a little baby bird on the way to the Teddy Bear Picnic and Olympics at Charlton House.

Thursday, 14th June


Friday, 15th June

 Papa and Luke playing.

Saturday, 16th June

Greenwich Park ready for the Olympics.

Sunday, 17th June

First look at my strawberries and flowering tomato plants.

Inspired by Just Shell.