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FO: Fantoosh

Shawls were something I started knitting in about 2018 and this beauty, the Fantoosh pattern from Kate Davies Designs was my first ever shawl.

It’s such a straight forward pattern that creates a beautiful shawl. I can’t remember exactly which yarn I used, but I do know that I ran out of yarn and had to get another lot for the border, which is why that is a slightly different shade of red.

It might look intricate and complicated, but once you have mastered the repitition of the pattern it just flies off the needles.

And the best thing about this shawl, it keeps me wonderfully warm!

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FO: Ponytail Hat

In January this year a good friend asked me to make her a hat that she could get her ponytail through and could also pull down to her neck like a cowl. So I started thinking and came up with this design.

DN 6

My friend picked the colour and she decided on cotton, as she finds wool too scratchy and too hot. I decided on using a cable pattern, which makes it especially pretty I think.

I knitted holes for the string at the top of the hat to thread through the cord, see the pictures  below.

DN 5 DN 4 DN 3

My friend loved the hat/cowl and used it on a trip to Iceland a few weeks after I finished it for her.

DN 2

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WIP Wednesday

I’ve got two projects today, one was started at the Christmas market on Saturday. It’s a mitten for Luke:

You might notice that I left a hole for a thumb…I had actually knitted in the thumb and it simply didn’t work. Luke was very uncomfortable when I tried to push his little thumb into the glove and even though I used the right amount of stitches it was just too small. So, I’ve decided not to add a thumb, which means frogging up to the point where the current hole for the thumb is. It’s a little annoying, but I think the mitten (and its partner) will get more wear out of them if they’re thumbless.

The second project is one of the three orders from the Christmas market, a scarf for a 1-year old. The guy who ordered it saw me knitting the mitten and liked the yarn so much that he chose that for the scarf.

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Cotton Scarf for my Man

When I was sitting and waiting for little Luke to arrive I kept myself busy with some knitting, particularly this scarf for my man:

I used the Drops Safran yarn and picked some manly colours with some nice orange stripes interspersed. It’s worked out very well I think and was such an easy and quick knit and my man has had many positive comments on it from his colleagues and friends.

This is actually the second scarf I’ve made for my man, but the other one is more of a winter scarf, it’s made out of wool and is rather heavy. So this can be worn in Spring and Autumn, and those days when it’s just a little bit too chilly.

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Scarf to Keep my Friend Warm

I made this scarf for a friend late last year. She liked the baby blanket I made for Baby Prasad, I don’t think I’ve added that on here yet, which I will do soon!

Good colour combination, which is basically repeated on the other side and the length turned out perfectly. My friend told me that her boyfriend often steals the scarf from her as it’s so warm and snuggly.

I often get quite hot in winter, but after the winter we’ve just been having I think I might make myself a scarf like this to keep me warm next year!

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Colour Ideas for a Scarf

I made my other half a woollen scarf a few years ago, and I was able to use quite a lot of my leftover yarn stash. But his eczema has now come back with a bit of a vengeance, so I want to make him another one out of cotton. I think it’ll still keep him nice and warm, but he’ll be able to use it more!

I’ve been having a look on Scandinavianknittindesign as I think their Drops Safran range will be the ideal choice, and I’ve picked the following colours:


And maybe I’ll add thin stripes of:


In between the stripes of the other colours…I think this would be a perfect ‘easy’ project that I could potentially work on when I start my maternity leave and maybe even when I’m in labour :-). I use knitting to relax and what a better way to relax during labour than making a scarf for my baby’s daddy?

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Personalised Scarf

Last weekend I finished a scarf for my boyfriends brother in Sydney, Australia. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, surely a scarf isn’t necessary in Australia? That’s exactly what I thought, but apparently it does get quite cold. He wanted a scarf in the Sydney Swans colours, so I came up with the following.
I think it has worked out well and the colours work well. I was going to knit wider stripes, but as I had to swap colours and change the yarn it made more sense to make thinner stripes in order not to have to sew up left over threads after every single stripe.
And of course I’ve finished it off with my label, which includes the address to this particular blog, maybe it’ll get me more visits!

Just a quick reminder, I’m now on Etsy and Folksy!