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FO: Baby Girl Sandals

A friend of mine from boarding school had a baby girl earlier this Summer, and when I knew she was having a baby girl I started knitting. It took me just a day in June to knit up these adorable little baby sandals.

AdK 1

I used this pattern for these, but customised by adding a couple of crochet flowers.

AdK 2

I picked very girly colours and was lucky to have them all in my stash. They are all from the DROPS Muskat range.

AdK 3

I love knitting these sandals, there are five straps that have to be knit and then they all have to be sewn up (the only thing I am not a huge fan of).

AdK 4

I would have knit booties for my friend, but as she lives in Dubai where it’s hot all year round. These seemed a better choice.

AdK 5

I had some lovely purple buttons left in my stash too.

AdK 6

And of course I made a little box too, and I love how the sandals look in it.

AdK 7 AdK 8

Pattern: Baby Boys Knit Summer Sandals by Alma Mahler
Yarn: DROPS Muskat in Light Brown (sole), Old Pink (straps), Pink (closure strap), Dark Purple (middle strap).
Needle size: 3mm
Knitting time: 23rd June 2015.


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FO: Baby Sandals (adorable baby alert)

A friend that used to work with me at the same PR company, but she was based in the US, recently had her second child, a boy. She had a gorgeous girl a few years ago and I made a bonnet and bootie combo then, I mentioned it in the collection here.

JSP 10

Because her little man is a Summer baby I decided on these absolutely adorable baby sandals. I LOVE them.

JSP 11

I used this brilliant pattern, and it’s really well thought out. The knitting doesn’t take very long at all, it’s the sewing up, which regular readers of this blog know I am not a big fan of.

JSP 12

I used some of the DROPS Muskat that I had left and was lucky  to have some lovely blues and greens left, with a lovely dark brown sole.

JSP 13

The pattern is really well written and well worth the £2.45 I paid for it.

JSP 14

Of course I made my usual box to hold the sandals.

JSP 15 JSP 16

And my friends little man arrived last week and today she sent me some pictures of him wearing them…and my heart melted! JUST TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!

JSP 17 JSP 18 JSP 19

Pattern: Baby Boy Sandals by Alma Mahler
Yarn: DROPS Muskat in dark brown, light olive, silver green, denim blue and sky blue
Needle size: 3mm
Knitting time: 22nd June 2015