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FO’s: Two Waistcoats

Back in February 2014 I got a bunch of wool from a friend who runs an amazing company, Punk Me Up Buttercup. I then made her a little waistcoat for her son.

So, I used this DROPS pattern that I’ve used a few times before and since. But I actually made a huge mistake with this first waistcoat, and made the armholes way too big. So I knit another one in yellow.

TP 7

TP 12

I love this pattern, it knits up really quickly, and apart from sewing up the shoulder seams and the fake pockets there is no other sewing. How great is that?

TP 8

I had these lovely yellow buttons in my stash and don’t they look sweet with this yellow waistcoat?

TP 9

The little pockets are very sweet, but really they are just for effect.

TP 10

TP 13

The double moss stitch at the top of the waistcoat is really sweet and gives the finished vest a little bit more structure.

TP 11

This yarn, which was Rowan pure wool 4 ply was really nice to knit with and I like the finished effect of it too.

TP 14

 Junior by DROPS Design.
Yarn: ROWAN pure wool 4 ply.
Needle size: 3.5mm
Knitting time: February 2014.

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FO: A Waistcoat on the Way to Australia

I’ve told you about the waistcoat I’ve been knitting for Rowan, the grandson of the lovely Roberta over at Rowantree Design the last few weeks. See posts here and here. Well, I finally managed to finish it on Sunday and sewed on the buttons and I was able to post it off yesterday. Here it is in all its navy glory:

It’s the same pattern I used to knit Luke’s waistcoat and yes, it is indeed a DROPS pattern. It’s a great knit and is finished relatively quickly, even though I made the 2 year size. I also like it because it’s knitted in one, so that means that the only sewing that needs to be done is the shoulders, the pocket slits and the buttons.

I love the effect of the moss stitch and I do think that it gives the waistcoat quite an elegant finish.  I added some mother-of-pearl buttons and I think they also look very chic.

As I mentioned Roberta and I are doing a swap. I’ve knitted this waistcoat for her gorgeous grandson Rowan and she’s sending me a romper for Luke. Do check out her website she makes the most amazing clothes for little boys and girls. I’m so excited to receive the romper and can’t wait to show you all a picture of Luke wearing it.

And here is the waistcoat all wrapped up nicely and ready to be packed up to be posted.