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Seven Little Moments

Warning: lots of photos of Luke.

Monday, 21st May

Luke loves birds, so here he is conversing with the pigeon at the train station on the way back from our new German group.

Tuesday, 22nd May


Wednesday, 23rd May

 A sunny day spent with our friends in West Hampstead.

Thursday, 24th May

 Counting stones.

Friday, 25th May

 Our little climber.

Saturday, 26th May

The boy’s relaxing!

Sunday, 27th May

Luke playing with Theodore.

Inspired by Just Shell.

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 16th April

Visiting Papa at work and trying out the Boris bikes.

Tuesday, 17th April

Luke’s new carpet. 

Wednesday, 18th April

Luke checking out the electoral booklet, don’t think he’s that keen on voting for a new mayor.

Thursday, 19th April

Happy 14 Month Luke!

Friday, 20th April

 Hail stones on our conservatory roof.

Saturday, 21st April

The 1 mile mark for the London Marathon, just up the street from us.

Sunday, 22nd April

Lunching in the garden.

Inspired by Just Shell.