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Escapologists: Our Bunnies

I wouldn’t call myself an animal lover. I do love animals, but I love them in their habitat in the wild. I have never really felt the need for owning a pet! But my eldest had been bugging me for a while to get a dog… that was too much of a commitment for me. I knew that if we got a dog (or any pet for that matter) it would fall to me to look after them. I already have enough on m plate.

My good friend ended up with 11 bunnies (don’t ask 😉 ). And I thought, hell yes why not give it a try. Making sure I asked my friend for two of the same gender…. Now, don’t get me wrong, we love our bunnies! And they were pretty damn cute when they were little.

But these two ladies (because they are female bunnies) have been trying to escape and succeeding, despite numerous attempts to fence them in for the last few weeks…. I have had it!

We are going to be building them a proper run, wired up top to bottom… because I just can’t take it anymore!