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FO: Beautiful Baby Girl in Baby Dress

Back in December a good friend in Australia had a second baby, a gorgeous little girl. And even though I knew beforehand that she was expecting I made sure to wait until I know that it was a girl to knit something for her.

IF 50

I knit up this sweet baby dress, a gorgeous pattern. Can you believe that this is the first time that I’ve used this pattern? It’s such a sweet little thing, and it’s actually really simple to knit.

IF 51

I used this amazing DROPS ♥ You #5, which is a recycled cotton. Because my friend is in Australia I knew that I didn’t want to knit anything out of wool as it would be way too hot for her little girl.

IF 55

The pattern is great as it’s all knitted up with minimal seams. The little underskirt is added later by picking up stitches from underneath, it looks so sweet and is almost like a petticoat. I think I might need to try this with another dress.

It’s funny actually, for ages I loved the DROPS patterns, and don’t get me wrong I still really like them. But I feel like in the last few months I’ve really enjoyed trying out other patterns from independent designers.

IF 52 IF 57

IF 61

There are some fantastic patterns out there, with some beautiful end results and some amazing details!

IF 53 IF 56

The added accents of the waist in a different colour and the bottom underskirt make this little dress extra special.

IF 54 IF 59

I crocheted a double flower for the bodice to add that something little extra, and I love the end result. As did my friend, and she just sent me this adorable picture of her sweet girl in it. Makes me so happy!

IF 62

Pattern: Sedona Baby Dress by Erin Harper.
Yarn: DROPS ♥ You #5 in heather and purple.
Needle size: 5mm
Knitting time: 27-29th December 2015.

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FO: Wavy Blanket (with a Baby)

This was the last project I finished in 2014. It’s for a fellow childminder and friend who had a gorgeous little boy, Leon, last Thursday.

RP 15I used DROPS Muskat to knit this pattern. And before I even started I had a question for the designer Laura Aylor and she responded within 2 or 3 minutes clarifying my question, what amazing service!

RP 16

I doubled the stitches as I wanted to make sure it was the right width, which actually turned it into a massive blanket. It means that the stripes are going vertical rather than horizontal, but I actually think it worked out really well.

RP 17

My friend wanted rainbow colours, so I picked these primary colour with the white wave going through.

RP 18

I added a crochet border using all the colours that I used in the blanket.

RP 19

I didn’t realise how big the blanket actually was until I took it off my needles…although I had wondered why it was taking me so long :-).

RP 20

I LOVE how this turned out, the colours go so really well together and the wave just makes it so pretty. It’s an easy pattern to learn, but the shortened rows mean that one of the stripes actually took a while due to having to go back and forth.

RP 21

And my friend loves it, she’s already had loads of compliments on the blanket.

RP 22 RP 23

And would you look at this gorgeous little boy wrapped in this amazing blanket!

RP 24