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FO: Hat

A quick post today, of a hat that I made for my nephew in 2015.

It’s the exact same hat I’ve made for him twice before, just a little bit bigger. He loved it so much that he requested it once after it shrunk in the wash and once more when he lost it. I blogged about the other two here.

It’s a great, easy pattern from DROPS Design.

It’s a pleasure to knit the hat as well as I used DROPS Alpaca for it, which is scrumptiously soft when knitting. And of course, having such a happy recipient for my knitting makes it even more of a pleasure to complete!

Pattern: Baby Noel hat by DROPS Design.
Yarn: DROPS Alpaca double stranded in lime and white.
Needle size: 5mm
Knitting time: 13th-14th December 2015.

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FOs: Hats Galore for my Brother’s Family

I made a bunch of hats for my brother’s family for Christmas 2013, every single one of them got a hat…there are five of them.

2013 Christmas hat for my brother

My brother received this hat, a DROPS pattern of course. He loved it, but then his nephew in Germany borrowed it and loved it so much he kept it. Now I take that as a great sign!

So towards the end of the year my brother asked if I could make him another hat, now for those who know me, I LOVE getting requests like this, especially when it’s from family! He really liked the hats I had made for his kids, see below, and requested one in his size. So I used the kids pattern and amended it to fit my head/his head.

2014 hat for my brother

2013 Christmas hat for my sister-in-law

My sister-in-law received this one, which I also knitted for myself and I wear mine all the time in Winter, I posted about it here. She tells me that she loves it too.

2013 Christmas hat for my niece

This one was for my niece Clara, who according to my brother wore it all the time and really, really loved it. The pattern is the same I used for my two nephews.

I told my sister-in-law that she could wash the hats, which stretched it and made it way to big for her to wear, so she asked if she could have another one, and she picked the red and white for the next one, which I just knitted recently.

2014 hat for my niece

2013 Christmas hat for my nephew

This hat was for my nephew, Yoan, who refused to wear any other hat throughout the entire year.

When his mum washed this hat, it shrunk to a size that simply didn’t fit my nephew anymore. So, he said he’d really want another one, but it had to be exactly the same.

2014 hat for my nephew

2013 Christmas hat for my nephew

My smallest nephew, Mateo received this one, which fit perfectly. But being under 1 at the time of receiving this his head grew and he needed a new one this Winter.

2014 hat for my nephew

Overall I made nine hats in total for them and they were all very well received, which makes me very happy indeed.

G 8 G 20 G 21

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Blogtoberfest Day Seven: Last Years Christmas Socks for my Brother

In a final post about the Christmas presents for my brothers family from last year, here are the socks I knitted for him:

IMG_1657 IMG_1658 IMG_1659 IMG_1660 IMG_1661I don’t feel like I have to say that much about them, only that they definitely took much longer then the socks for the kids. So, in recap, here I posted about my sister-in-laws socks, here are the ones for my nephew and finally here are the ones for my niece.

And finally, here they all are in all their glory.

IMG_1785 IMG_1786

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Blogtoberfest Day Five: FO: Last Years Christmas Socks for my Niece

And to follow up on yesterday’s theme of trying to tie up loose ends, here are the socks I made for my niece for Christmas last year.

IMG_1779And like those for my nephew I posted about yesterday, these are just a straightforward sock pattern that I’ve been knitting in various sizes since I was about 15. My aunt actually taught me how to knit socks initially and I will never forget her patience whilst doing so.

IMG_1780I love this colour for socks, and Luke actually has the same pair in a few sizes smaller and he always gets comments on them, especially the colour. Who says pinks are only for girls, right?

IMG_1781I will try and tie up this series of socks for my brothers family tomorrow or at the latest on Monday so that I feel free to start the Christmas knitting for them for this year.

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Blogtoberfest Day Four: FO: Last Years Christmas Socks for my Nephew

I know, I know, it’s already nearly Christmas again, but I’ve still not written about the socks I knitted for my nephew last Christmas.


Excuse that terrible first picture, I am not actually sure what happened there. These socks are just a  straightforward pair of socks. I don’t actually follow a pattern for them. I just have to check on the stitch count, length, etc.

IMG_1783I love the colours and I used some yarn from my stash for them, because they were only a small size I still have a fair amount left, so I can always knit another pair if I feel like it.


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Blogtoberfest #4 FO: Waistcoat for my Nephew

While I was in Germany at my mother’s during the Olympics I managed to knit a couple of projects. One of them was this grandfather waistcoat, which I knitted for my nephew’s second birthday.

It’s the old, tried and tested pattern, which I love kniting, mainly because there’s not much sewing up to do. It’s basically only the shoulders and the pockets.

This time around I made the pockets a little bit longer so that they’re more use on this waistcoat rather than them being just for show.

I love the colour of this waiscoat, it’s light enough to wear with any colour be that light or dark. As usual I can’t show you pictures of my nephew wearing it as my brother and his wife prefer not to have pictures of their kids online.