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Finished Object: Fingerless Mittens

These fingerless mittens I made in January 2014 for a friend of mine who always had cold fingers. They were a quick and straightforward knit, using a Drops Design pattern.

I used some DROPS Merino Extra Fine in Navy blue, stunning yarn for all kinds of projects. I particularly like using it for baby knits. Despite a somewhat lacy pattern, this is a very quick knit…it might have something to do with the 3.5mm needles?

I used to love wearing fingerless mittens especially when knitting. But I haven’t had much use for them here in Australia ;-).

Purple Rhapsody by DROPS Design.
Yarn: DROPS Merino Extra Fine in Navy.
Needle size: 3.5mm
Knitting time: 26th-27th January 2014.

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FO: Two Pairs of Fingerless Mittens

A fellow childminder and a good friend ordered two pairs of fingerless mittens from me last year, one pair in the Spring and the other in the Autumn.

The first pair I knitted back in May 2014, using this DROPS Design pattern. I have knitted them before and posted about here.

LS 4

The pattern called for DROPS Alpaca and DROPS Kid-Silk, which make the mittens scrumptiously soft.

LS 5

My friend has started a ‘Forest School’ nursery in the woods with a friend close to us and so these are probably a great accessory to have.

LS 6

I knitted these up in a couple of days, and even though the pattern on them looks quite intricate it is actually really easy. In fact, I’ve just recently knitted two projects with exactly this pattern and I love it!

LS 7

It’s funny actually, I’ve knitted other people fingerless mittens, but have never actually knitted myself a pair.

LS 8

I modelled them myself in Spring of 2014 🙂

LS 9

The second pair is also a DROPS Design pattern, but it’s actually a pair of wrist warmers.

I had also knit these wrist warmers before for a friend and when I posted about them on my blog, my friend liked them so much she ordered a pair, but as wrist warmers.

LS 13

This is also a great pattern, that took a little longer to knit up as it calls for 3mm size needles.

LS 14

My friend picked the same colour as the previous ones I knitted, and it’s a lovely colour.

LS 15

This is another pair of fingerless mittens that I really should knit for myself too!

LS 16


Fingerless Mittens by DROPS Design.
Yarn: DROPS Alpaca in pearl grey and DROPS Kid-Silk in heather.
Needle size: 3.5mm
Knitting time: 29th-31st May 2014.

Fingerless Mittens by DROPS Design.
Yarn: DROPS Baby Merino in navy blue.
Needle size: 2.5mm
Knitting time: 9th-13th December 2014.

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FO: Mittens

I want to write a very quick post today as I am out this evening. In December 2013 a mummy friend ordered mittens with a string for her husband’s colleague who was visiting from the US.

UA 1

I used this DROPS Design pattern, which knit up really quickly in just a day.

UA 2

I can’t actually remember what yarn I used, but I do know that I doubled the yarn to make the mittens warmer.

UA 3For the string I even knit an i-cord…I didn’t even do that for Luke’s mittens :-).

UA 4

Pattern: Mittens by DROPS Design.
Yarn: Unknown yarn.
Needle size: 3.5mm
Knitting time: 13 December 2013.


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FO: Hat and Glove Combo

Last Winter a friend who has a son in one of the other Kindergarten’s asked me to knit a hat and matching mittens for her son. I knitted both, and then realised that both the hat and the mittens were way too small. So, I started again.

W 1

I used this DROPS Design pattern, but amended it slightly. Mainly I left out the crochet edge and visor.

W 2

Another friend had give her the yarn, so I needed to find a pattern that would fit the yarn. She was keen to have a hat that would go over her son’s ears and for him to be able to close it.

W 3

For the mittens I used another DROPS Design pattern, and yes I know I am very predictable, always going back to their patterns, but they are simply brilliant!

W 4

My friend wanted to make sure her son wouldn’t lose the mittens, so she asked me to add a string, which is something we always had as kids and I’ve always done with Luke’s mittens.

W 5

After the initial disaster, both fit very well and my friend loved them.

W 6

And here are both in all their glory.

W 7


Pattern: Mittens by DROPS Design.
Yarn: Unknown yarn.
Needle size: 8mm
Knitting time: 15 December 2014.

Pattern: Hat by DROPS Design.
Yarn: Unknown yarn.
Needle size: 8mm
Knitting time: 15 December 2014.

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FO: Toddler Mittens

Yet another post about knitted items for my friend with two daughters, these mittens were made for her first daughter last year.

EBA 27

I LOVE this pattern, although I adjusted it and instead of using single thread DROPS Fabel I went with two threads of DROPS Alpaca.

EBA 28My friend picked the colour combo, but then I knitted them up with the turquoise and white for the rib and the same colour at the tip of the hand and the thumb, which give a really nice effect I think.

EBA 29And of course, I added an i-cord string to the mittens so that they can be put through the sleeves of the jacket, to make sure that they didn’t get lost.

EBA 30

I also made her a hat last year, which I posted about here.

EBA 31

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FO: Kid Gloves

Milliemanu ordered some kid gloves in pink last year, which I managed to knit in November in a couple of days.

They’re a nice and easy glove pattern, I had only knit adult gloves before, and mainly mittens for kids. This meant that each of the fingers were a bit of a challenge, but in the end they worked out well.

CR 181

There’s not really that much more to say about them.

CR 182 CR 183

They were made to match one of the hats I posted about last week.

CR 184

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FO: Fingerless Mittens

Earlier in the year I made two pairs of fingerless mittens from two of my very good friends, they both had birthdays in January/February. Here I am posting about the first pair.

Of course I am Mrs. Predictable, and I used a DROPS pattern, but this one is one I’ve not knitted before. And I loved it, it calls for DROPS Alpaca and DROPS Kid-Silk, which meant the finished mittens were sturdy but really, really soft and smooth.

BH 1

I picked some colours that I knew my friend would like and to be honest the pictures don’t really show them. I used a very light green and an off white.

BH 2

The pattern itself was great it was just the repetition of one little pattern and it worked a treat.

BH 3

And for some action shots I roped in my husband who managed to get some amazing shots when the sun was streaming through our window into the dining room.

BH 4 BH 5 BH 6 BH 7 BH 8

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Blogtoberfest Day 15: Luke’s Mittens from Last Years

Trying to catch up posting about all the things I’ve knitted in the last year, I’ve certainly been busy, but haven’t posted about them. So, last year around this time I knitted some mittens for Luke.

IMG_1492I used this DROPS pattern. And I loved knitting them, they were really quick, but they have the nice added extra of two cables on the top.IMG_1494I picked the dark red as it went well with Luke’s stripy jacket and I think it’s a really nice colour anyway. IMG_1500Luke loved wearing them last year…especially as it was such a long, cold winter. But I do think I’ll have to knit him another pair this year as they are probably going to be too small. IMG_1501 IMG_1502 IMG_1503

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WIP Wednesday

I’ve got two projects today, one was started at the Christmas market on Saturday. It’s a mitten for Luke:

You might notice that I left a hole for a thumb…I had actually knitted in the thumb and it simply didn’t work. Luke was very uncomfortable when I tried to push his little thumb into the glove and even though I used the right amount of stitches it was just too small. So, I’ve decided not to add a thumb, which means frogging up to the point where the current hole for the thumb is. It’s a little annoying, but I think the mitten (and its partner) will get more wear out of them if they’re thumbless.

The second project is one of the three orders from the Christmas market, a scarf for a 1-year old. The guy who ordered it saw me knitting the mitten and liked the yarn so much that he chose that for the scarf.