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WIP Wednesday – Blogtoberfest: Day Twelve

Here’s what I’ve been working on this week:

With the weather getting colder here I thought I’d knit some socks for Luke. This will be the first pair that he’ll have for the winter, I’m sure there’ll be more. I’ve got this great sock yarn, which I bought from the lovely Kate over at Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy. The pattern is just a straightforward sock pattern and it flies off the needles. I knitted one sock yesterday and was hoping to finish the other one today, but I have to actually do some work first, so it might have to wait until tomorrow.

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Seven Little Moments – Blogtoberfest: Day Ten

Monday, 3rd October

Tidy drawers in the changing table, success!

Tuesday, 4th October

Arrival of my organic veg and fruit boxes, from Organic Delivery Company, yum!

Wednesday, 5th October

I’m teaching some mum’s to knit at Tots & Toast.

Thursday, 6th October

LatinoBambino with my best friend Kerstin (& Tom) who are visiting from Edinburgh.

Friday, 7th October

No words needed.

Saturday, 8th October

First proper cold day, so the funky pram suit comes out, not sure what Luke makes of it.

Sunday, 9th October

Relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.

I really liked this idea of seven little moments on Just Shell.

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Children’s Book Week 2011 – Blogtoberfest: Day Four

Did you know that it’s Children’s Book Week in the UK this week? It’s interesting to me that this has come around at this particular moment, as I’ve just recently received a list of the books I had a child from my twin brother (he had children first so got all of the books we had when we were children). And these are the books that I’m hoping to get for Luke. Now those of you who know me will know that these are all going to be in German. It’s about time too as up to now we’ve only had English books and while I talk to Luke all day long in German, I still have to read him the books in English and it just doesn’t feel right.

These are my favourite three:

Drei Bären (yes that is indeed Goldilocks)

Hänschen im Blaubeerenwald

Pelle’s Neue Kleider

I’ve now put together wishlists on both and, mainly as a reminder for myself and also to share with my family in case they want to buy Luke a present.

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Summer Overall, with Baby – Blogtoberfest: Day Three

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you might remember that I posted about a Summer Overall for my little man back in February (before he was born, I might add). Well, Luke finally wore it:

The main reason it took so long for him to finally wear it was the fact that we didn’t have a great Summer and it wasn’t really warm enough, and the fact that it was simply to big for him when we did have hot weather in August. So, he had to wait until October, and the hottest Indian Summer in the UK since 1829, can you believe it?

I think he likes it, what do you think? He’s so cute, he’s discovered clapping a few weeks ago and now loves to clap. So I play the ‘pat a cake’ nursery rhyme (the German version of course) with him and he can’t get enough of it.

And doesn’t he look adorable in his overalls? When I was knitting them I thought the colours worked really well and I’m still of that opinion, and it works even better than I imagined. The pattern is great, it’s quite airy, and as it’s made from cotton can be worn even in the hot temperatures we’ve been enjoying here in London the last couple of days.

And would you look at that, baby thighs, feet and hands, one of the cutest things to see in handknits.

Details on Blogtoberfest can be found here.

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Favourite Green Hoodie

I know, I know, it’s been far too long since I’ve been on here and posted. And trust me, it’s not for lack of remembering…well that’s not exactly true, I remember in the morning, but then by the time my little man goes down for his first nap (a time that could be well spent updating the blog) I have already completely forgotten that I wanted to put a post up. It’s funny really, I’ve still got so many different projects completed and photographed that could go up, but I simply don’t find the time.

And remember back before little man was born I said that I was planning to make my wedding dress, well…that never happened, because again, I simply didn’t have the time. But that’s ok, I got married anyway, in a dress I ordered online (I’ll show you all one day).

In the meantime, here’s a hoodie I made back in February, and a good thing too. I had knitted so many newborn things that the little man fit into for only a couple of weeks, and this hoodie he wore for quite a few months. I’m even hoping that he might still fit into it in the autumn!

It was from a Debbie Bliss book a friend gave me a few years ago and it’s the first time I knitted one of her patterns, and I actually found it really straight forward and easy. Details can also be found on my Ravelry.

I got the yarn in a sale (to be honest I would refuse to pay normal price for Debbie Bliss yarn, as it’s quite expensive I think), and I was rather pleased with the colour of it.

I’m really rather pleased with how it turned out and I love the little details, like the pockets (not that Luke had any idea back when he was wearing it, what to do with pockets), but they still add that little bit extra! I also love the generous hood as it makes the hoodie so comfortable and cosy.

It just works, don’t you think?

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I can’t believe Luke is already 1 month old

The past four weeks have whizzed by so quickly and my little boy is already 4 weeks old…I can’t believe it. When people said that I should enjoy this time when he’s little I never thought that it goes by so very quickly. As you can probably imagine I’ve not managed to get much knitting done at all…my time has been taken up by Master Luke. Not that I mind…it’s such a joy to look into his gorgeous little face and he’s now started smiling at us already…amazing!

I’ve been able to dress him in some of his knitted outfits, as you can see above…and below:

And I think he looks rather dashing, especially in his little blue suit. It’s a shame really, because it does seem like it’s getting a tad too small for him already…can you believe it? He’s gone from weighing 3.2kg to 4kg…so is growing fast and steady!