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FO: Intarsia Jumpsuit

The lady that ordered a few things from me via Etsy had previously ordered a jumpsuit from me back in 2012. She loved it so much on her son, see picture below, that she ordered another one in a larger size.

Etsy EK 19

When I first knitted this jumpsuit I was a bit unsure, as I’d never knitted any intarsia before, but I actually really enjoyed it and loved how it ended up looking.

Etsy EK 28

Of course, it’s a DROPS pattern. Regular readers of this blog will know that I love them!

Etsy EK 30 Etsy EK 31

The pattern does take a while to knit as it calls for DROPS Alpaca yarn and 2.5mm needles, so you can imagine how long one of these takes for a 3 year old!

Etsy EK 32 Etsy EK 29

I find when I’m knitting with such small needles that my knitting is not quite as neat as when I’m knitting with thicker yarn and bigger needles, but it still looks good nonetheless.

Etsy EK 33

It’s the same colour combination that I used before, although the blue seems just a little bit lighter. And would you look at how beautiful the intarsia looks with these two colours.

Etsy EK 34 Etsy EK 35

I haven’t got a picture of the┬áhandsome boy wearing it, but I am sure he looks as cute as he did in his first one.

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FO Friday: Starry Hat

A good friend, who has two gorgeous girls, asked me to knit a hat and mittens for her eldest daughter. Her little girl decided that she wanted this hat.

My friend picked the colours for her daughter, and I love them! They work really, really well I think.

I’ve loved knitting this hat, and the intarsia for the stars, they look so gorgeous.

I used the DROPS Alpaca double stranded, which meant it was really soft, but also quite thick and warm I imagine.

And doesn’t my friend daughter look adorable in the hat?

EBA 32

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