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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 21st November

This is how my brother-in-law, Vijay spreads peanut butter…I thought it was really funny!

Tuesday, 22nd November

Luke’s first ever trip to the beach, he loved it!

Wednesday, 23rd November

Enjoying the Byron Bay sunshine.

Thursday, 24th November

The bikes we hired and were only able to ride twice (from and to the hire place) as it started pouring down with rain.

Friday, 25th November

Lunch in Byron Bay before we headed back to Sydney.

 Saturday, 26th November

Lunch at my husband’s cousins (Krissie) house at Springwood in the Blue Mountains. Luke felt right at home. Krissie is in the process of making Pavlova, the first one I’ve ever had, and it was absolutely delicious.

Sunday, 27th November

Visit to Australiana Pioneer Village (see Sunday Snippets) and I just loved this poster!

Inspired by Just Shell.