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Finished Object: Simple Beanie

You know those projects that you can make in an afternoon? I love those kinds of projects. For example, a nice simple beanie, like this one:

It’s a very straightforward pattern that I have knitted countless times before and since. I like to make each beanie a little bit different by using different coloured yarn and by adding a little accent on the rim and the tip/top of the hat!

I knitted this hat back in October 2015 for my best friends daughter. I used up some of my DROPS Merino Extra Fine that I had left over from some previous projects. And if I remember right, it only took me a couple of hours to finish.

I adore these pictures my friend shared with me, and little lady is pretty chuffed with her hat. I also love this one with her big brother. Look at these two monkeys… I can’t wait to see them again at some point!

 Cream Dream Hat by DROPS Design.
Yarn: DROPS Merino Extra Fine in navy blue and cerise.
Needle size: 4mm
Knitting time: 9th October 2015.

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Focus of the week: Hats

It’s getting cooler here in Australia, but should I really be saying that when most of the rest of the world is suffering through an endless Winter? Sorry folks, I wish I could send you some of our sunshine. But since I can’t how about seeing a collection of hats for the next few days?

First off….Simple, but effective beanies.

These beanies were a wholesale order for Greenwich Baby in Greenwich, using leftovers of DROPS Merino Extra Fine. I love this pattern, it’s my go to for a quick baby hat. Most of the sizes I can whip up in a couple of hours. And even though it’s a simple pattern I feel that a lot can be done to it with yarn and colour choices.

Same hat, different yarn. The incredibly soft DROPS Nepal.

And yet again, same hat, different yarn. This time some DROPS Muskat.

This sweet hat is another one using DROPS Nepal and I saved this to last because look at the handsome little dude wearing it.

 Cream Dream Hat by DROPS Design.
Yarn: Various yarns, including DROPS Merino Extra Fine, DROPS Nepal and DROPS Muskat.
Needle size: 4mm
Knitting time: 2014, 2015 and 2016.

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FO: PomPom Hats

A good friend from our school in England gave me a task last year, to make two hats for her children and she was very specific about what they should look like.


Her daughter requested bright pink with two pompoms either side of the hat.


She wanted ties that were plaited.


The hat itself needed to have a cable pattern running all around it.


And instead of decreasing for the head I kept it straight and did a three needle bind-off.


I am very pleased with the final result, but I am kicking myself that I didn’t write the pattern down as I think I’d be able to sell it and any creations from it!


My friend also ordered one in yellow for her son.

eb-7eb-8 eb-9 eb-10

My friend was sweet enough to send me pictures of her children wearing their hats…I just love them!

eb-6 eb-12 eb-13

 My own pattern.
Yarn: DROPS Eskimo in hot pink and red rose, yellow and orange.
Needle size: 8mm
Knitting time: 28th-30th January 2016.

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FOs: Hats Galore for my Brother’s Family

I made a bunch of hats for my brother’s family for Christmas 2013, every single one of them got a hat…there are five of them.

2013 Christmas hat for my brother

My brother received this hat, a DROPS pattern of course. He loved it, but then his nephew in Germany borrowed it and loved it so much he kept it. Now I take that as a great sign!

So towards the end of the year my brother asked if I could make him another hat, now for those who know me, I LOVE getting requests like this, especially when it’s from family! He really liked the hats I had made for his kids, see below, and requested one in his size. So I used the kids pattern and amended it to fit my head/his head.

2014 hat for my brother

2013 Christmas hat for my sister-in-law

My sister-in-law received this one, which I also knitted for myself and I wear mine all the time in Winter, I posted about it here. She tells me that she loves it too.

2013 Christmas hat for my niece

This one was for my niece Clara, who according to my brother wore it all the time and really, really loved it. The pattern is the same I used for my two nephews.

I told my sister-in-law that she could wash the hats, which stretched it and made it way to big for her to wear, so she asked if she could have another one, and she picked the red and white for the next one, which I just knitted recently.

2014 hat for my niece

2013 Christmas hat for my nephew

This hat was for my nephew, Yoan, who refused to wear any other hat throughout the entire year.

When his mum washed this hat, it shrunk to a size that simply didn’t fit my nephew anymore. So, he said he’d really want another one, but it had to be exactly the same.

2014 hat for my nephew

2013 Christmas hat for my nephew

My smallest nephew, Mateo received this one, which fit perfectly. But being under 1 at the time of receiving this his head grew and he needed a new one this Winter.

2014 hat for my nephew

Overall I made nine hats in total for them and they were all very well received, which makes me very happy indeed.

G 8 G 20 G 21

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My Knitting in 2014

While I have not yet posted about all the projects from last year, and even some of the years before, I thought I’d do a quick review of my Ravelry.

I knitted 131 projects in total…phew, that’s an impressive number!

Here are some previews of some of the projects:

2 baby blankets

35 pairs of booties

3 toddler ponchos

2 adult ponchos

21 adult/baby/kid hats

1 pair of kid mittens and 1 pair of baby socks

4 pairs of fingerless mittens

2 cowls

11 adult/kid/baby cardigans and jumpers

10 knitted animals (plus 21 little tiny bunnies)

10 kid boleros

24 vests/waistcoats

5 baby/toddler dresses

I will endeavour to write about each FO in the next few weeks.

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FO: Beanies Galore

Last years orders from milliemanu also included some beanies. I knitted 12 of them, 7 pink ones and 5 blue ones. This was a nice and quick knit with DROPS Karisma, and without further ado I’m just going to post the pictures.

Hat One

Hat Two

Hat Three

Hat Four

Hat Five

Hat Six

Hat Seven

Hat Eight

Hat Nine

Hat Ten

Hat Eleven

Hat Twelve

And here’s a few pictures of the pile of beanies.


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Blogtoberfest Day 18: FO Appreciation

Apologies for the two day hiatus from the Blogtoberfest festivities. I am just going to bring you a short FO appreciation photo of a couple of FO projects I haven’t quite managed to post about, but will do tomorrow. My friend from school had a little boy earlier in the year and I made a little hat and bootie combo. And earlier tonight she sent me a picture of her gorgeous little man in the hat. So without any further ado, here it is:

LoganIsn’t he just gorgeous? I will post details of the hat and bootie combo tomorrow!

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Blogtoberfest Day 14: Keeping Children Warm

This is an article given to me by Luke’s playgroup leader (a Steiner group in Greenwich), I love it and want to share it on here.

“What is human warmth? Is it the 40 Celsius body temperature in our child that frightens us, or is it the interest shown for us by a friend that consoles us, or is it the steady burn of enthusiasm which energises us to carry out an important project? …all three are human warmth.

Like water for fish, warmth for humans is the indispensable medium that nourishes our humanity at every level of its existence. Through warmth we connect. We connect to our family, our friends, our teachers, our co-workers, to all humanity, to animals, to plants and to the universe!

A growing child must find its inner ground, its centre of warmth and from this solid ground it seeks to connect to other sources of warmth, in an ever widening circle around itself.

A well maintained deep body warmth helps the ego perfect the organs so they remain in good health throughout the whole of life. It is the warmth organisation wherein the ego works. Warmth is expansive, cold contracts. When we are cold we literally clasp ourselves tightly pulling ourselves in. When we are warm, our arms are free to embrace the work of each other.

In the early years of life there is a necessity for woollen singlets, pants, tights, blankets and bonnets or hats. In hot weather, for a baby under one year old, a cotton singlet is still essential. Breastfeeding also provides the young baby with valuable warmth.

A child needs more protection from loss of warmth than an adult. The adult with their fully incarnated ego is able to control their body temperature, whereas a child’s ego is still in the process of incarnation and has not the same control. Often a young child is not even aware that they are cold.

They can happily get up in the morning and run around with bare feet on a cold floor, an experience we would find distinctly uncomfortable. Therefore, we as the adults need to provide this warmth awareness for young children.

The most suitable way of dressing young children is in layers. For example, in winter, a singlet, t-shirt, skivvy and woollen jumper, together with tights and pants and a jacket and hat for venturing outside. The advantage of dressing in layers is that not only is the child securely warm, a layer is easily removed as is needed while still maintaining good body warmth.

The importance of hats for young children is seen when we realise that more than 30% of heat is lost through the head. Also in children up to the age of two years the fontanels (the small openings in the skull plates) are still open. This knowledge makes the sight of a young child’s bare head on a cold, windy day, a worrying sight.

A good way of checking your child’s body warmth is to feel their hands and feet. If these are cold, your child needs extra warmth.

Synthetic materials, while much easier to wash, do not supply the same degree of warmth as wool. If you picture sheep contentedly chewing in their paddocks on a cold frosty morning, you will remember that wool was designed by Mother Nature to keep in the warmth, even in very chilly temperatures.

Woollen singlets with soft cotton linings can be easily purchased and while relatively expensive, buying a larger size than is immediately needed will ensure they last for up to two years.

By firmly insisting that your child wears a hat for outdoor play (even in Summer), they will soon don a hat without a word from you, such is their readiness to learn from what we do.

Warmth is the natural medium for the body on a soul level and physical level. A deep, penetrating body warmth ensures the healthy development of the child’s physical, emotional and spiritual sense of life and is one of the most important gifts we as parents, can give to our children.”

Compiled by Jenny Lane.

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FO: Bright Hat and Bootie Combo

Here is another hat and bootie combo I literally finished last week. They are for a friend of a friend who is expecting her first baby in October. She didn’t know whether it was a boy or a girl so I went for really bright colours.

LW 7I went for my new favourite pattern for the booties, which is the Saartjes Bootees on Ravelry. They are fantastically easy to knit and I can often knit them in two hours.

LW 3LW 2LW 1And I also knitted the beanie that is also a favourite of mine. It is, yes you’ve guessed it, a DROPS pattern.

Again, this is a great, quick pattern to knit. It normally takes me a couple of hours.

LW 6 LW 5 LW 4She received them today and is absolutely over the moon with them and really, really loves them. I call that a great result!

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Blogtoberfest #3 Third Time Lucky

Luke’s hats seem to have a problem of disappearing. My husband has managed to lose two on his walks with Luke already. So, this is a post about the three hats that I’ve knitted for Luke. The first one you might remember, I blogged about it before and it can be found on Ravelry here.

I then knitted another hat when I was in Germany during the Olympics, it’s on Ravelry here. I really loved this one, it’s as the colours are very unusual.

However, this was lost very quickly after we came back from Germany. It was quite funny, because it was lost when my husband was out walking with Luke and his mother in law. She was really worried about coming back without the hat. But to be honest I wasn’t that upset, it does happen after all.

Then finally I knitted up this number a couple of weeks ago.

It’s the first time that I’ve used this yarn and I absolutely love it. It’s really shiny and really smooth and knits up really quickly too.

And I just love the stripes and how it looks on Luke.