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Seven Little Moments (2-8 April)

Monday, 2nd April

Tom and Luke…soooo cute.

Tuesday, 3rd April

On the way back home at Edinburgh Airport.

Wednesday, 4th March

The lunch table at Pizza Express after lunch with the kids.

Thursday, 5th March

Luke’s first Easter chocolate bunny.

Friday, 6th April

Walk in Greenwich Park with Papa.

Saturday, 7th April

What a cool youth centre, with mosaic benches.

Sunday, 8th April

I have also had time to do some knitting :-).


Inspired by Just Shell.

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Seven Little Moments (19-25 March)

Monday, 19th March

Luke and the the Virgin Media engineer.

Tuesday, 20th March

On the way to the  playground, with gorgeous sunshine.

Wednesday, 21st March

Back at the playground in West Hampstead.

Thursday, 22nd March

Trying out the swing in the garden.

Thursday, 23rd March

Meeting Papa for an early dinner at the O2 Arena.

Saturday, 24th March

Sunny garden.

Sunday, 25th March

Look who’s walking.

Inspired by Just Shell.

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 23rd January

Luke and Myron ‘cooking’!

Tuesday, 24th January

A bird on the big tree at the back of our flat…I just loved the contrast.

Wednesday, 25th January

First nappy order from Amazon has arrived, we’ve signed up to Subscribe & Save, which will be very handy.

Thursday, 26th January

A glorious day!

Friday, 27th January

My new phone, the Blackberry Bold 9900.

Saturday, 28th January

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich, we’re looking for a new house/flat there…so keep your fingers crossed for us that we find something nice.

Sunday, 29th January

Playing with the lamp.

Inspired by Just Shell.