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FO: Baby Dress

An old friend who I went to school with in England had a baby girl earlier this year. And of course, I knew exactly what I wanted to knit for her.


This is the Lizzy dress pattern by Taiga Hilliard, available on Ravelry. It is one of many dress patterns by this designer, all of which are absolutely stunning, and some of which I have already knitted.


What I love about this pattern and all the others from Taiga is that they are all knitted top down, with minimal seaming. An absolute dream!


The details like the lace pattern on the yoke, which is repeated at the hem make this a sweet little dress. Additionally, even when this doesn’t fit as a dress anymore it can still be used as a tunic or a top.

arp-13I used some DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk that I had left in my stash, which is a combination of baby alpaca and mulberry silk, making it incredibly soft and also luxurious.


It’s not a superfast knit as it calls for 3.5mm needles, but I found that just as I was starting to get a bit bored with the stockinette stitch I had to start on the lace section for the hem. Thus making it quite interesting.


I was trying to get a bit artistic with my photos, and since I had some roses that were coming to the end of their life, I thought why not add them in the picture. Too much, what do you think?


Fortuitously I had some sweet mother-of-pearl buttons in my stash that I was able to use.

My friend was a very happy recipient and this week she shared some adorable pictures of her sweet girl wearing it…this here is why I love knitting baby clothes, such a sweet sight.

arp-23 arp-24

And I just love that little tongue!

 Lizzy Dress by Taiga Hilliard.
Yarn: DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk in heather.
Needle size: 3.5mm
Knitting time: 29th June-4th July 2016.

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FO Friday: Baby Booties on a Gorgeous Baby

My best Friend had her second child recently, a little girl. I knew that I wanted to knit her something really special (more on that another time). It was during the Christmas rush that I wanted to get something done so I opted for the trusted Saartjes Bootees and a baby bonnet from Garnstudio.

KMB 72As most of you know I LOVE Sartjees Bootees, they’re just so amazingly simple and quick. I can knit up a pair in a couple of hours. I actually knit the last few rows a little differently and I guess I should get in touch with Saartje to tell her. I take my pick of wool or cotton depending on which season the baby is likely to wear them. This pair was made from DROPS Merino Extra Fine.

And the bonnet is another favourite of mine. It’s really quickly knit up and I like how it looks when it is finished and when it’s being work. The back especially is really pretty in my opinion. I had to do a two coloured bonnet as I ran out of yarn of either colour, but I actually like the two colours together, I think they look nice and feminine, but not too girly.


My friend loves the booties and her gorgeous little girl wore them at her first proper photo shoot and doesn’t she just look absolutely adorable in them? I can’t wait to cuddle her soon, she’s just so cute.

KMB 83 KMB 84 KMB 85

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FO Appreciation Photo

Sorry for the long break in posts these lasts few weeks. I’ve been very busy knitting, and teaching my craft group.

So, in the meantime, here’s a very sweet picture of gorgeous Sophia wearing the dress I made for her first birthday, I wrote about it here.

And if anyone is interested in ordering this or another item from my shop, you can head over to Etsy.


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Blogtoberfest #23 FO: Fancy Dress

I made this little dress for my friend’s little girls first birthday, you might remember seeing her in the cable coat recently. It’s the Drops pattern that I also used when I made this for the little girl of an old client of mine.

I love this pattern, I was a little worried about the lace-like pattern of the skirt initially as it seemed like it might be really difficult and I’d have to pay real attention to it. However, that wasn’t the case, it actually flew off the needles.

The lace-like pattern at the top was also really easy to knit and I finished it surprisingly quickly.

I love the wrap over style of the dress, I bet it’s really handy to put on as it probably slides over the head just like that.

I do like the colour, but when I ordered it initially I thought it would be a bit darker, but I think it actually looks really nice.

And I added the crochet flower at the end, it just adds that little bit extra.

I am still hoping to get a picture of Sophia wearing it, as I’m sure she’ll look gorgeous in it.

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FO: Cable Vest (with my Gorgeous Boy)

Here’s the cable vest that I was knitting back in November, and blogged about here and here. I took pictures of it back in early December, when we got back from Australia and Luke has been wearing it loads.

The pattern was great, and yes, it was another one from the guys over at Garnstudio. I should be getting some sort of commission from Garnstudio, I’m always going around mentioning their patterns, and that’s because they’re fantastic. It was such a nice, easy pattern to knit up, especially as it was the first time I was knitting cables.

I did change it up a little bit and didn’t finish it like they suggested, instead I just knitted it in one go.

I love how the cables worked out…this last picture doesn’t really give the colour of the vest justice, it’s actually a nicer blue. But why don’t you judge for yourself in the next two pictures? It’s my gorgeous boy Luke wearing the vest.