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FO: Purple Cowl

Back in November last year I knit two cowls for Luke’s Kindergarten teachers. The first one was for the main Kindergarten teacher.


I used DROPS Merino Extra Fine in purple and used this pattern, but amended it slightly.


I added some stitches and I made I didn’t make it quite as wide as the pattern suggested.


I think the finished piece looks great, don’t you agree?


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Beautiful Gift

Yesterday I got the most amazing gift in the post, all the way from Minnesota, from my knitting friend Melissa. She knitted this gorgeously soft baby blanket for Max, and I love it. It’s scrumptiously soft and a gorgeous colour and Max seems to really like it too, as he slept a whole 3 hours under it.

Thank you so much my beautiful friend!

IMG_7716 IMG_7717 IMG_7718 IMG_7719 IMG_7721 IMG_7722 IMG_7724 IMG_7725 IMG_7726

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FO: Adult Top

My friend Amanda had a big birthday back in December, and as a gift I gave her a voucher for a knitted item. She picked this pattern and then decided on DROPS Big Delight, the Lava colourway. But after searching high and low for the yarn the only place I could order it from was from Germany, from the online shop: Lanade.

AD 1

My friend was very keen on this colour combo, and I’m glad I was able to found it, because I love how it ended up looking.

AD 2

I love the red, black and beige colours that came out in beautiful uneven stripes while knitting.

AD 3

I actually ordered way too much yarn in the end, blame it on baby brain. I didn’t realise that each skein came in 100g rather than the usual 50g.

AD 4

So, I’ve said to my friend I can knit something else for her, and she’s asked for a top for her 4-year old daughter, which is waiting on my queue.

AD 5I loved knitting this top, the yarn and pattern called for size 5mm needles, which meant that it actually knit up really quickly.

AD 6

The pattern on the yoke came up beautifully, and it was so nice and easy.

AD 7

Overall a lovely little pattern and my friend loves wearing it, and I love a happy customer!

AD 8

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FOs: Hat and Bootie Combo

Friends of ours in Australia had their second child, a boy, earlier this year and as luck would have it we were able to bring them this gift themselves when we went to Australia in February this year.

DPA 10 DPA 11 DPA 12The pattern is the old favourite, Saartjes Bootees.

DPA 13 DPA 14 DPA 15

And the hat is another DROPS pattern.

DPA 16 DPA 17


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FO: Baby Booties

You remember yesterday’s post? Today I am showing you yet another pair booties, this one also for Luke’s teacher’s little man.

EV 9

As he was a late Summer/early Autumn baby I knitted these in DROPS Muskat, a cotton yarn. Also, as I didn’t know he would be a he I picked a nice neutral yellow.

EV 10

And the buttons are from my stash, but once upon a time I bough them from TextileGarden. I know I’ve said it before, but they are my go-to place for buttons, as they have a fantastic range.

EV 11

You all know by now that this is the brilliant Saartjes Bootees pattern. Although I have changed it slightly, having knitted sooooo many pairs of them.

EV 12

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FOs: 21 Tiny Easter Bunnies

I know, I know, it’s coming up to Christmas, but who says I can only post season appropriate stuff? Back around Easter I knitted 21 tiny little Easter bunnies for the kids I childmind.

I used this pattern, which is incredibly easy and knits up extremely quickly.

The kids loved finding them in their Easter baskets and Luke still has his in his animal toy box and gets them out to play with them every once in a while. So, all in all a success!

EB 1 EB 2 EB 3 EB 4 EB 5 EB 6 EB 7 EB 8 EB 9 EB 10