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FO: Etsy Order: Hat

Back to posting about my FOs, I need to get some more posts in before baby number two makes an appearance :-).

This is a hat I knitted for the lady that always orders through Etsy from me, and the pattern is, of course, a DROPS pattern.

Etsy EK 61

It’s a great, easy pattern that knits up really quickly. I used DROPS Baby Merino, using double strands and the colour is a nice light blue.

Etsy EK 62

The ties to close it are braided, which adds a really nice touch I think.

Etsy EK 63

The recipient liked it too and her son wore it well, although I don’t have a picture.

Etsy EK 64

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FO: Etsy Order: Adult Cardigan

The customer that ordered loads of things for her son also ordered a cardigan for herself. It’s funny actually, this is the cardigan I knitted for a very good friend of mine (I still have to post about it) only a month before this customer ordered the exact same one.

Etsy EK 48

Etsy EK 53

It’s this DROPS pattern, which looks great. I knitted this one with the double moss stitch for the sleeves, the collar and the front bands.

Etsy EK 49

Etsy EK 51

I used DROPS Alaska yarn for it and ordered these buttons from TextileGarden specifically for it.

Etsy EK 50

I have to say again how much I love the DROPS patterns, especially as most of the patterns try and keep sewing up to an absolute minimum. This was the case with this one as well, there was only minimal sewing up under the sleeves.

Etsy EK 52 Etsy EK 54

And the collar with the double moss stitch looks lovely too. My customer really loved the cardigan and told me that it keeps her warm and cosy.

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FO: Etsy Order: Toddler Cardigan

Yet another order via Etsy from the same customer as the two jumpsuits. This time a cardigan for her son.

It’s a really straightforward pattern, but the way it’s knitted and the yarn that’s used (DROPS Delight), give the finished piece a great effect. The dark blue and the light blue make some beautiful stripes. The fact that it’s just knitted in garter stitch also makes it a very fast knit.

And the back looks beautiful too. It’s funny because I haven’t really used the DROPS Delight yarn since, although I have jumper lined up for a good friend of mine using DROPS BIG Delight, so we’ll see what that will look like when it’s finished.

Etsy EK 38 Etsy EK 44

I used some buttons from my stash that work really well with the blue yarn and finish off the cardigan beautifully.

And my customer sent me some pictures of her son wearing the cardigan, doesn’t he look very handsome?

Etsy EK 45 Etsy EK 46 Etsy EK 47

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FO: Intarsia Jumpsuit

The lady that ordered a few things from me via Etsy had previously ordered a jumpsuit from me back in 2012. She loved it so much on her son, see picture below, that she ordered another one in a larger size.

Etsy EK 19

When I first knitted this jumpsuit I was a bit unsure, as I’d never knitted any intarsia before, but I actually really enjoyed it and loved how it ended up looking.

Etsy EK 28

Of course, it’s a DROPS pattern. Regular readers of this blog will know that I love them!

Etsy EK 30 Etsy EK 31

The pattern does take a while to knit as it calls for DROPS Alpaca yarn and 2.5mm needles, so you can imagine how long one of these takes for a 3 year old!

Etsy EK 32 Etsy EK 29

I find when I’m knitting with such small needles that my knitting is not quite as neat as when I’m knitting with thicker yarn and bigger needles, but it still looks good nonetheless.

Etsy EK 33

It’s the same colour combination that I used before, although the blue seems just a little bit lighter. And would you look at how beautiful the intarsia looks with these two colours.

Etsy EK 34 Etsy EK 35

I haven’t got a picture of the handsome boy wearing it, but I am sure he looks as cute as he did in his first one.

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FO: Etsy Order: Onesie

In March 2013 I got an order via Etsy from a lady that had ordered a few items from me before. She ordered this jumpsuit from me in 2012.

Etsy EK 21 Etsy EK 25

This is a fantastic pattern that I was able to adjust quite easily to fit a size 3-4 years. I used DROPS Baby Merino, which is a lovely yarn to knit with.

Etsy EK 23 Etsy EK 26

The length of this onesie is adjustable and because it is knitted in rib it looks way too long, but it’s super stretchy. The order specified that she wanted stripes and she also requested these colours, and I love the end effect.

Etsy EK 22

I believe it fit her son, and she said she loved it.

Etsy EK 24

Overall a lovely little onesie that I would love to knit again, but haven’t yet.

Etsy EK 27

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Blogtoberfest #15 FO: Etsy Order: Jumpsuit

I knitted this jumpsuit after it was requested by the lady that also ordered the vest I posted about recently. I wasn’t sure about it initially as I’ve not knitted it before, and I have to be honest. It’s the first pattern where knitting it felt a bit tedious.

This is the first time that I’ve really knitted intarsia and I can’t say I love it. It just takes too long for my liking. I think it wasn’t helped by the fact that I was knitting with DROPS Baby AlpacaSilk, which is very thin indeed.

However, I do like the effect of it on the finished item. I think it looks really, really nice. I think I’ll probably be the only one that notices that I’ve made a couple of mistakes, I hope nobody else notices :-).

And the buttons are a purchase from last Saturday at the Knitting and Stitching Show (I will do my final report and a post on what I’ve bought in the next few days.) I picked them particularly for this jumpsuit and love how they finish off the item.

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Blogtoberfest #6: FO: Etsy Order – Vest

I got an order via Etsy the other week for two items, the tried and tested vest and a jumpsuit, which I’m currently still knitting. Lots of people seem to be really interested in the vest, which is great, as it’s a really quick knit.

It’s funny because this is the exact same one that I knitted for Luke last year and he still wears it loads. In fact, he’s been wearing it the last week as we had pretty cold weather.

I love how the cable worked out (especially after I only tried them last year), now I love knitting them.

I also love the garter stitch on the back, as it seems quite unusual. Normally I would go for a stockinette stitch, but because of the cables on the front, the back needs to be in garter stitch. I actually think it looks really good.

And I added some gorgeous buttons that I ordered from Textile Garden, I think they’re really cute, they would work even better if the vest was green, don’t you think. So, it just remains for me to finish knitting the jumpsuit, then I can post it and hope that the person who ordered it loves them both!

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Something Updated

Today, I’m able to finally give you an update on my Etsy shop. I’ve still got a little bit of work to do with the header, don’t you think?

And now here are the items I’ve listed, all of them made to order. What do you think? Am I pricing things right? I’m never sure, it’s the one thing that I’m always confused about.

Finally, here’s the link to my shop: