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FO Friday: Baby Booties on a Gorgeous Baby

My best Friend had her second child recently, a little girl. I knew that I wanted to knit her something really special (more on that another time). It was during the Christmas rush that I wanted to get something done so I opted for the trusted Saartjes Bootees and a baby bonnet from Garnstudio.

KMB 72As most of you know I LOVE Sartjees Bootees, they’re just so amazingly simple and quick. I can knit up a pair in a couple of hours. I actually knit the last few rows a little differently and I guess I should get in touch with Saartje to tell her. I take my pick of wool or cotton depending on which season the baby is likely to wear them. This pair was made from DROPS Merino Extra Fine.

And the bonnet is another favourite of mine. It’s really quickly knit up and I like how it looks when it is finished and when it’s being work. The back especially is really pretty in my opinion. I had to do a two coloured bonnet as I ran out of yarn of either colour, but I actually like the two colours together, I think they look nice and feminine, but not too girly.


My friend loves the booties and her gorgeous little girl wore them at her first proper photo shoot and doesn’t she just look absolutely adorable in them? I can’t wait to cuddle her soon, she’s just so cute.

KMB 83 KMB 84 KMB 85

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FO: Peachy Dress on the Cutest Little Darling Girl

Earlier this year an old friend and colleague asked me to knit something for her niece Charlotte. And lucky for me she picked one of my favourite dress patterns from DROPS.

BT 1

I love knitting this pattern. It’s easy enough that I don’t have to concentrate hugely when knitting, but is interesting at the same time, creating a lovely lace skirt and top. My friend didn’t want sleeves on it and I actually think it works much better without sleeves. That way it can be worn either with a little shirt or T-shirt underneath or if it is hot enough without.

BT 2

My friend picked the colours and I am really pleased how well the peachy colour works with the white. I then decided on the colours for the flower and I think it just adds a little bit extra with that deep red.

BT 3

Because I used the DROPS Safran cotton it was really nice to knit as well, especially as I knit it earlier in the Summer when it was a little bit warmer. It makes such a difference not to have knit with wool when it is warm/hot.

BT 4

For the border I used a straightforward picot crochet stitch that gives it a nice, girly finish.

BT 5

Doesn’t the little skirt look great with that lacy pattern? Due to its width it does take a little longer to knit, but it is definitely worth it for the end result.

BT 6

And here’s a view from the back, you can really see how nice the back bit looks here.

BT 7 BT 8 BT 9 BT 10

Just yesterday my friend send me pictures of her gorgeous niece wearing the dress, and I just had to share them with you. Isn’t she just the cutest little girl?

BT 12 BT 11

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 29th October

Carved our pumpkin.

Tuesday, 30th October

Oxleas Woods without the fog.

Wednesday, 31st October

Luke wasn’t too sure about Halloween and would you look at that amazing burger my awesome husband made us for dinner.

Thursday, 1st November

Check out what arrived, my new labels.

Friday, 2nd November

Luke and Myron catching up…soooo cute.

Saturday, 3rd November


Sunday, 4th November

Causing trouble.