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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 5th November

Look what Mama made for me!

Tuesday, 6th November

Forest School wasn’t on so we went to the forest instead.

Wednesday, 7th November

People busy at my craft group.

Thursday, 8th November


Friday, 9th November

Receiving our swap parcel from Germany, more to come in a separate post.

Saturday, 10th November

Shenanigans on the Tube with Papa.

Sunday, 11th November

Some finished table lanterns, they just need oil on them.

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Blogtoberfest #24 First Craft Group

I taught my first craft group class today. I didn’t think that anyone would show up, but in fact two people came along. I do think there will be more people, especially as they only announced that the group was starting last week Friday. The ladies that did come had a lovely time and we managed to sew up a few pumpkins. So without further ado here are some pictures from the crafting.

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Blogtoberfest #21 New Calling

Firstly I’m happy to say that this is finally the post that brings me right up to date with Blogtoberfest, yippieh!

Secondly, as of Wednesday I will be leading a Steiner (Waldorf)-focused craft group. I was asked by Susannah, the lady that leads the group that I attend with Luke on a Thursday and I thought, why not.

So, I’ve had to come up with projects for the next few weeks. We’re going to be crafting the two following things, I’ve found tutorials on other people’s blog:

Felt Pumpkin


I think I’ve got enough projects until December, but if you have any that you can suggest, please do!