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Winter is coming!

Before I moved to Australia I never thought big, thick, woolly jumpers would be needed. Oh how wrong I was! A good friend of mine also knows this (she is also originally German) and she asked me to knit her an Aran jumper. Oh what fun I had with this wonderful piece of knitting. I used the I Heart Aran pattern available on Ravelry from Tanis Lavallee, an absolutely stunning design. Everything about this jumper spoke to me and my friend, we only changed up the stockinette stitch with moss stitch.

Knitting this jumper didn’t go entirely smoothly, as the first time the entire jumper came out too big (even after comparing measurements) and the second time the sleeves were too long. I think it has something to do with my change from stockinette stitch to moss stitch. Or the use of DROPS Nepal instead of the Tanis Fiber yarn the pattern calls for.

Even with the hiccups in the process of this knitting project, I loved it. I loved the colour my friend picked, I loved knitting it and I loved the photos she sent me wearing it.

Aren’t they special? My friend, her jumper and the sea…just gorgeous!

 I Heart Aran by Tanis Lavellee.
Yarn: DROPS Nepal in light grey.
Needle size: 5mm
Knitting time: 12th – 28th July 2017.

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FO: Dancing Squirrels Cardigan

A good friend in England ordered a couple of cardigans from me in 2015. The first one is this sweet number:

I love this sweet little cardigan, which I knit for her daughter in a size 3 years. My friend picked the colours and I love how the pink squirrels and the navy blue hearts came out. Such a sweet detail on the yoke of this knit.

It’s funny, colour work/intarsia always seemed such a hard thing to do when knitting. In fact, once you get the hang of it it’s really easy! I just haven’t found a solution yet when using four colours at once (a problem I am encountering with a current WIP).

I managed to find matching pink buttons at TextileGarden, which work really well and finish the cardigan off nicely. The pattern of course is from the team at DROPS Design.

And my friend loved it for her little girl. The neckline was a little big, which I also thought when I was knitting it, but because of the colour work it could be tricky to change it. If I were to knit this again I would add a couple of rows in single colours between the colour work to decrease some stitches.

Pattern: Baby Squirrel by DROPS Design.
Yarn: DROPS Baby Merino in navy blue, light sky blue, old pink and off white.
Needle size: 2.5mm
Knitting time: 1st-15th May 2015.

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FO: Max’ Chevron Baby Blanket

Ok folks, I am going to attempt to post every day this December, so wish me luck! First off, here’s the chevron baby blanket I made for my Max.

I previously made this in black, grey and white for my friend, and posted about it here.

The pattern is this one and it’s brilliant how easy it is to knit, but actually looks very sophisticated.

I picked these blues and greens specifically when I knew we were expecting Max, I love them all together.

And here is my gorgeous boy, when he still seemed very little all wrapped up in his blanket.

MP 29 MP 30 MP 31 MP 32 MP 33 MP 34

Pattern: Chevron Baby Blanket by Espace Tricot.
Yarn: DROPS Merino Extra Fine in light greyish green, pistachio, green, north sea, turquoise, dark blue, denim blue, grey blue, light grey blue.
Needle size: 4mm
Knitting time: 12-19th February 2015.



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FO: Slipper Socks

I would like to preface this post by letting everyone know that most of the items I am posting about are from the last few years and were not knitted in the last few weeks…after all I have an almost 8 months old and a 4 1/2 year old at home :-).

One of the mum’s at school asked me to make her and her daughter some slipper socks earlier this year.

IB 14

And since it’s getting cooler now, I thought it would be the perfect time to post about them.

IB 15This first pair was the one for her daughter, in a size 35.

IB 13I used this DROPS Design pattern, which was a great easy and quick knit.

IB 12

It called for DROPS BigDelight, which I’ve only used once before when I knit my friend a top, which I posted about here.

IB 16 IB 17 IB 18

They look quite good on don’t they (even if it was on my then pregnant feet)…and they are very, very warm indeed.

Pattern: Allegria by DROPS Design.
Yarn: DROPS BigDelight in jeans blue/teal.
Needle size: 4mm
Knitting time: 2nd-3rd March 2015.

IB 6

This second pair was for my friend. She picked the colours for both, and I really love these colours together!

IB 7

It’s a funny pattern, as the cuff gets knitted first and then the sock itself gets knitted, so when I first looked at it, I was definitely a bit confused about how the finished sock would look.

IB 4

The buttons are only for looks they are just sewn on at the end.

IB 5

And this pair is also super warm and cosy.

IB 9 IB 10 IB 11

Pattern: Allegria by DROPS Design.
Yarn: DROPS BigDelight in atlantis.
Needle size: 4mm
Knitting time: 3rd-5th March 2015.