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FO: Clover Earflap Hat

The head at Greenwich Steiner School where Luke attends Kindergarten had a baby girl back in November and the school community gathered together some gifts, so I knitted up another Clover Earflap Hat.

AD 1

This time round I actually followed the pattern properly and even though my previous version looked lovely, but this looks even sweeter.

AD 3

Because I knew it was a girl I was able to pick this sweet lilac, which I had left in my stash.

AD 2

Now that I understand the pattern, I would love to make some more of these, so I just have to find some willing recipients.

AD 5

And the crown of this hat is absolutely gorgeous, albeit hard to photograph.

AD 4

Next time though I think I would knit it in the round, eliminating the need for sewing up.

AD 6

 Clover Earflap Hat by dover & madden.
Yarn: DROPS Baby Merino in old pink.
Needle size: 3.25mm
Knitting time: 8th-9th November 2015.

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FO: Earflap Hat

In November last year I knitted a lovely little bonnet for a good friend’s daughter. I queued this gorgeous pattern in August when I found it via my Instagram.

DD 6

It’s nice to get away from my regular patterns from DROPS Design…

DD 8

It’s a bit embarrassing really, but I actually didn’t read the pattern correctly for this hat (I made another one following the pattern exactly a few weeks later). It really was my fault, because the pattern is written extremely well.

DD 7

However, I don’t think it’s done any harm to the general design, it basically just added those purl rows between each of the leaves.

DD 8

My friend requested the hat in cream as it would go with most of her daughter’s clothes, and I love the colour choice, it looks sweet on any babe.

DD 9

I would like to try knitting this hat in the round once, as I think the seaming at the back could be avoided, but for this first version the construction was actually fine.

DD 10

I love the tip the designer gives to slip the first stitch of each row, because it gives this lovely clean edge.

DD 11

I made the right size according to the measurements my friend send me of her little girls head, but somehow it still ended up being a little big, so I just gathered it at the top for her so that she can wear it now. My friend can remove that gather later on and will enjoy the bonnet for much longer.

DD 12

This crown is really pretty, but it actually looks even more beautiful when I followed the correct pattern :-).

DD 13

I got a quick shot of Max modelling the hat for me…not sure he was that keen on it!

DD 14

 Clover Earflap Hat by dover & madden.
Yarn: DROPS Baby Merino in white.
Needle size: 3.25mm
Knitting time: 1st-2nd November 2015.

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FOs: Lots of Hat and Bootie Combos

Here are some hat and bootie combo’s I’ve knitted in the last few years.

Booties and Bonnet for a fellow Charlton Mummy, who had a gorgeous baby girl just under a month ago

Bonnet and Booties for a fellow Steiner Mum, made in May 2013

Beanie and Booties for old school friends, made in May 2013

Beanie and Booties for an old colleague, made in August 2013

Beanie and Booties for another mum from West Hampstead, made in August 2013

Bonnet and Booties for an old colleague, made in April 2013

Beanie and Bootie combo for a classmate from primary school, made in August 2013

Beanie and Booties for my neighbours granddaughter, made in May 2014

Bonnet and Booties for a good friends daughter, made in November 2013

MA 9 Cable Beanie and Booties made for my second nephew, made in May 2013

Booties and Hat for a friend, made in September 2010

Bonnet and Booties ordered by a friend, made in November 2014

Beanie and Booties for a friends little man, made in April 2014

Beanie and Booties for my old English teacher’s little man, made in August 2013

Bonnet and Booties for an old school friend, made in January 2015

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FO: Flowery Booties and Bonnet

In August 2013 I made some gorgeous baby booties and a bonnet for an ex-colleague of mine. She had a baby girl, and she absolutely loved the booties and bonnet.

I used Saartjes Bootees pattern and changed it around a bit, using cotton yarn and adding some flowers to them.

I used the DROPS bonnet pattern, also using cotton yarn and also added some flowers like a ranking vine.

LP 10 LP 11 LP 12

And now would you look at that adorable little girl, she’s just too precious in her little outfit!

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FO: Bonnet

I started posting about the number of things I made for a good friends two daughters before Christmas. So here I go with a little bonnet I made for her now two-year old daughter.

EBA 16

It’s this DROPS pattern, and I also knitted her the matching cardigan, which I blogged about here. I knitted all of this back in December 2012, as my friends little girl was born a little early, although you wouldn’t know it now. She’s the cutest, lively and amazing toddler.

EBA 17I love this pattern, it needs up really quickly, as it uses DROPS Merino Extra Fine and a needle size 3.5mm or 4mm. I probably would have knit it for Luke, but I do think it’s very girly. So I will just have to contend myself with knitting it for friends who have girls or for orders.

EBA 18

I also knitted the two pairs of booties for my friend that I blogged about here.

EBA 19Here’s the whole set that my friend ordered. And I also made another pair of booties as a gift (one of my go-to bootie gifts and in fact my own pattern.)

EBA 20

And look how adorable my friends daughter looks in her little outfit.

EBA 50

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FOs: Baby Booties and Bonnet Combo

Regular readers of this blog will know both the booties pattern and the hat pattern of this little set. I made it back in January of this year for an old friend from school who had a second daughter.

I don’t think there’s anything new I can say about either pattern, apart from the fact that I love knitting and gifting them.

So here are the booties:

And here’s the bonnet:

And a final shot of both together:

DH 10


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FO: Baby Hat

The third item I made for my friend who’s little man turned one just this last month is this little hat. The first one was the cardigan, the second were the booties.

IF 31

I love this pattern, it’s such a neat little hat and I love the cables. I used DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk, which is amazingly luxurious and soft.

IF 32

I used a similar light minty colour for it like I did for the cardigan and booties that I posted about earlier in the week. It’s quite a unisex colour and the pictures don’t really do it justice.

IF 33

I also love the crown of the hat, it’s such a pretty top for such a pretty hat.

IF 34

And here are a final couple of pictures that show the entire lot I sent my friend.

IF 35 IF 36

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FO: Bonnet and Bootie Combo

Last year in May I gifted a bonnet and bootie combo for a friend that I used to go to a toddler group with. She had a second daughter.

BC 1

Regular readers of my blog will recognise these as Saartjes Bootees. And regular readers also don’t need another explanation about why I love knitting these.

BC 2

And I love the colour…red is always great for little girls I think.

BC 3I also made a little bonnet for her daughter.

BC 4

I love this pattern for a little girl, it’s just so girly and sweet.

BC 5

BC 6

I love the wavy pattern that comes out, it looks lovely.

BC 7

BC 8

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FO: Hat and Bootie Combo

I am in quite a fortunate position that I have over 50 FO’s to post about, but I just can’t decide which ones to go with first. So, I’ve decided to post them in alphabetical order (that is the alphabetical order of the recipients).

You’ll notice there will be lots of hat and bootie combo’s or just booties, but after all they’re the easiest and fastest things to knit as gifts. So, without further ado, here’s another combo for a friend from my mummy group in North London. She wasn’t actually a mummy back then, but just recently had the most gorgeous little girl.

AG-O 1 AG-O 2 AG-O 3

So I knitted this hat. And as I knew that she was having a girl I was able to pick some bright red and pink. And I made the ever quick Saartjes Bootees.

AG-O 7 AG-O 6 AG-O 5 AG-O 4

And my friend loves them. Her daughter is gorgeous and still too little for both, but I’ve been promised a picture when she is able to wear both the hat and the booties.

AG-O 8

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FO: Hat and Bootie Combo (Adorable Baby Alert)

Yes, yes, I know, it’s getting a bit boring with the hat and bootie combinations I’ve been knitting for friends. But in truth, they are just too easy to knit and gift when I find out that someone is expecting. So, here’s another combo I did for an ex-colleague of mine who recently had her second little girl.

I followed the pattern to Saartjes Bootees, but with  my amendments to the straps and I added a little flower to the front. As I knew my friend was having a girl I was able to customise the booties.

I also customised the hat and just cast on for the DROPS hat that I make regularly, but then amended it by adding a pattern to it and adding a flower at the end.

I am really pleased with this and I think the ‘holes’ make it a little more girly (not sure whether to call them holes, but that’s what they are at the end of the day).

LC 9And it all matches quite well and looks very girly and cute. My friend has already been able to use the hat and it just looks too adorable for words on her gorgeous little girl, don’t you think?

LC 10