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FO: Another Bolero

I knitted one final bolero for milliemanu last year. I posted about the other nine here.

CR 394

I know I wrote about my dislike for the pattern in my previous post, but I’ve actually gotten used to the pattern. This is probably because I have now knitted it 10 times and because I have amended it to make it flow better.

CR 395

In the original pattern for example the ribbing for the back and two front pieces is done individually on each of the pieces. Instead I sew it up and then do the ribbing. In my opinion it actually makes it look much better.

CR 396

Not sure what happened to the colour on this picture, but the blue is more like the two above.

CR 397

And I still do love the yarn that I use, the DROPS BabyAlpacaSilk. It’s a joy to knit with. I use double strands, so I have to pay attention to picking up both whilst knitting, but it just ends up being an amazingly soft and luxurious finished object.

CR 398

The ribbing on the sleeves and the bottom has the added picot-esque edging, which took me a while to figure out initially, but now I love it!

CR 399


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FO’s: 9 Boleros

Earlier this year, in June, Milliemanu ordered some boleros from me.

I used this Sirdar pattern as a basis, but then made some pretty major amends to it. I have to say, I know why I like the DROPS patterns, they are just so well written, this one wasn’t at all.

DROPS like to make their patterns easy and without too much seaming, but this was the opposite. However, changing it to how I liked it, made it much more enjoyable.

I used double strands of DROPS BabyAlpacaSilk,. which made it a gorgeously soft and scrumptious finished object. So, here are pictures of the nine boleros.

Bolero One

Bolero Two

Bolero Three

Bolero Four

Bolero Five

Bolero Six

Bolero Seven

Bolero Eight

Bolero Nine

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FO: Two Girl Bolero’s

I met a lady last year in the Summer at a kids festival/fair, she’s a designer and sells the most amazing girls dresses and some shirts for boys too. Check her out at milliemanu.

When she found out that I was a knitter we started a business relationship and so during the last year I knitted a whole load of things. First, I’m going to show you a couple of bolero’s I test-knitted for her last Summer.

I used this DROPS pattern, but amended it slightly and left the buttons off. I used DROPS BabyAlpacaSilk and Camilla from milliemanu asked me to add the velvet border. I knitted two versions, one in this gorgeous lilac and another in a light, pale green, see below:

CR 12 CR 9 CR 8

And she loved them, but thought they were a little too warm for the Summer, which I kind of agree with. This meant that I didn’t have to knit any further ones of this kind. But this year I am making another lot, but a different version. Stay tuned in the next few days to see these.

CR 14 CR 13

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2012 in Review: July – September

The third instalment of 2012 in review. As it was the summer I didn’t post as muchd as earlier or later in the year, it’s odd really, I did the same thing in 2011. I guess I’m busier and enjoying the sunshine!

FO: Cable Coat

FO: Matching Bonnet

FO: Girly Cable Cardigan

FO: Baby Socks

FO: Huge Wedding Blanket

FO: Pink Lacy Bolero

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FO: Pink Lacy Bolero

It seems that I’ve taken a bit of a longer off blogging than I thought. It doesn’t mean that I took off time from knitting. And for once I actually knitted something for myself. As you might remember I was in Germany at the end of August for my brothers wedding and I had a lovely dress that needed a nice bolero. So I knitted this:

It’s a lovely easy pattern, I started knitting it on Friday evening (the wedding was on Saturday) and finished it about one hour before the wedding.

I wasn’t too sure about knitting it out of mohair yarn as I thought it might be too hot, and I was right. But I was able to wear it in the church and later in the evening, just not during the day.

I’m really pleased with the end result and I think I look rather good in it :-).


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FO: Summery Girly Cardigan

This cardigan is fast becoming a firm favourite, I’ve had quite a few orders for it, you can read about it here and here. But this is the first one I’ve knitted with cotton yarn, DROPS Safran to be precise.

I really do love this pattern, it’s so easy to knit as it’s garter stitch all the way with 14 stitches of moss stitch on each side for the front bands. I do always seem to forget the button holes and again when I was knitting this. So I just had to go back a few lines and then knit it up again with the button holes included this time.

And the buttons are curtesy of Textilegarden. I love them and I’ve just ordered a whole new lot, you’ll see them tomorrow in my seven little moments post.

And of course you can see that I added a nice crochet border, with a lovely contrasting deep red/purple. I’m going to call it plum?

So, we’ll see if and when I get another order for this same cardigan.

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Bolero/Jacket in Grey

Another finished project, this time one for me. It’s rare that I actually make something for myself. Mostly, because it takes that much longer to finish it. I like the fact that baby clothes are much, much quicker. In the end it didn’t actually take that much longer, as it was such an easy knit. .It’s a really easy pattern from Garnstudio.

It calls for two Alpaca yarns and I actually liked the colour choice on the pattern, so I decided to use them. I think it’s worked out really well and it looks especially good when it’s on.

The nice thing about knitting this cardigan was the fact that it was all knitted in one piece. Thus avoiding any seams and it just makes it look that much smoother. I might even make another one in a different colour combination. Especially as it works really well over both long-sleeved, short-sleeved and tops without any sleeves.

I also managed to pick some really nice mother of pearl buttons that I found amongst my mother’s stash (she did actually give them to me), but I think they work really well. I thought they might be too small for the button holes, but they work perfectly.