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Blogtoberfest Day 20: Hat and Booties Combo

Remember the hat I posted about on Friday with the cutest little man in it? Well, I know I said I’d post about the actual hat and booties yesterday, but I was attending a wedding and got just a little bit tipsy.


These were knitted for a good friend from my boarding school, she had a little boy earlier this year.
These are Saartjes Bootes that I’ve knitted a few times already this year and I love, love them. They are so easy and so very quick.

I was trying to make a unisex pair and decided on these colours. When I finished I realised that they were actually quite Christmassy, but that doesn’t really matter, does it?
And the hat is this one that I’ve also knitted a fair few times.
And my friend loved the combo and you saw her little man on Friday and he’s soooo adorable in the hat.

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Blogtoberfest Day 11: This is Who I am Knitting for

I’ve not yet posted about this ‘huge’ order that I’ve been working on, but just to give you a quick look, this is the lady who I am knitting for:

And the vest on that picture is actually one of mine. As well as the beanie on this page:

It’s definitely keeping me busy.

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FO: Matching Booties

To go with the hat I posted about on Friday, here are the matching booties.

KJ 11

This is the Saartjes Bootees pattern on Raverly and I love them, maybe even more than my own pattern (wow, there’s an admission). They just look so adorable, whether for a boy or for a girl. And they are just incredibly fast to knit. I can turn them around in a couple of hours.

KJ 15My friends husband who also took the other pictures sent me these really professional looking ones…aren’t they amazing? They make me want to try and take better pictures of my knitting in future. But I might have to fiddle around with our camera first. Anyway, without any further ado, here are some more pictures.

KJ 13 KJ 12 KJ 9 KJ 7 KJ 6 KJ 5 KJ 4 KJ 3

And here a final picture of the hat and booties together.

KJ 8


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FO: Gorgeous Baby Boy in a Stripy Hat

A friend who I used to work with back in my PR days has recently had a baby boy. She lives in Australia and when I found out that her little munchkin had arrived I thought, perfect, it’s coming up to Winter Down Under and I can knit him something.

So, I decided on the easy beanie that I’ve knitted a few times already.

KJ 1I decided to go for a boyish blue and green combo and I really love the end result. The other thing I love about this hat is how very quickly it knits up. It uses DROPS Muskat, which is quite a nice, thick cotton yarn.

KJ 2My friends husband, who is an incredibly talented photographer, was kind enough to take some great pictures of their little boy in the hat. And isn’t he just adorable?

KJ 20 KJ 19 KJ 18 KJ 17 KJ 16