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FO: Beanie

Just a quick post for today. I knitted a beanie for one of Luke’s friends from Kindergarten in January of this year.

SM 1

It’s this easy and quick DROPS pattern. I knitted this up in a couple of hours.

SM 2

My friend picked the lovely blue, which is DROPS Alaska.

SM 3

Pattern: Beanie by DROPS Design.
Yarn: DROPS Alaska in dark blue.
Needle size: 5mm
Knitting time: 25th January 2015.

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FO: Baby Cable Hat

Following on from the booties I posted yesterday, here’s a little cable hat I made for the little fellow.

NK 5

I used this DROPS pattern, which I’ve knitted a few times before and since. This time I used some leftover sock yarn from my stash.

NK 6

As always, this was a very quick knit.

NK 7

Pattern: Knitted cable hat by Garnstudio DROPS Design.
Yarn: Regia sock yarn.
Needle size: 2.5mm
Knitting time: 4th-5th February 2013.

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FO: Hat and Bootie Combo

A good friend from boarding school recently had a baby and when I found out of course I had to knit her a hat and bootie combo.

XS 11

Because she was keeping the gender a surprise I stuck to neutral colours and picked these two lovely yellows and the white.

XS 12

I used my amended version of Saartjes Bootees pattern available on Ravelry. I really should write up my version of these booties and publish it as they really are just a little bit quicker and easier.

XS 13

I used some leftover yarn  from my stash, some DROPS Merino Extra Fine.

XS 14

And of course I made a little box to put the booties in.

XS 15Additionally, I also made another favourite of mine, this DROPS cable beanie.

XS 16

I used some leftover DROPS BabyAlpacaSilk that I also had in my stash, luckily I had similar shades of yellow.

XS 17

I LOVE knitting with this yarn as it’s incredibly soft and even though it calls for 2.5mm needles it still knits up relatively quickly.

XS 18

And I love this pattern, the way the cables meet at the top of the crown make it a very special hat.

XS 19

My friend loved both of these gifts and I’m sure her baby will look adorable in them.


Pattern: Saartjes Bootees by Saartje de Bruijn
Yarn: DROPS Merino Extra Fine in Mustard, Light Yellow and White
Needle size: 3.5mm

Cable Beanie by DROPS Design
Yarn: DROPS Baby AlpacaSilk in White and Wheat
Needle size: 2.5mm

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FOs: Lots of Hat and Bootie Combos

Here are some hat and bootie combo’s I’ve knitted in the last few years.

Booties and Bonnet for a fellow Charlton Mummy, who had a gorgeous baby girl just under a month ago

Bonnet and Booties for a fellow Steiner Mum, made in May 2013

Beanie and Booties for old school friends, made in May 2013

Beanie and Booties for an old colleague, made in August 2013

Beanie and Booties for another mum from West Hampstead, made in August 2013

Bonnet and Booties for an old colleague, made in April 2013

Beanie and Bootie combo for a classmate from primary school, made in August 2013

Beanie and Booties for my neighbours granddaughter, made in May 2014

Bonnet and Booties for a good friends daughter, made in November 2013

MA 9 Cable Beanie and Booties made for my second nephew, made in May 2013

Booties and Hat for a friend, made in September 2010

Bonnet and Booties ordered by a friend, made in November 2014

Beanie and Booties for a friends little man, made in April 2014

Beanie and Booties for my old English teacher’s little man, made in August 2013

Bonnet and Booties for an old school friend, made in January 2015

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FO: Hat and Bootie Combo

A friend from my mother’s group in North London, where we lived in Luke’s first year, had a little boy last December. She asked me to make her a hat and bootie combo in some lovely bright colours.

I went with my favourite go-to bootie pattern, Saartjes Bootees.

And my favourite go-to hat pattern. I love these vibrant colours, I’m not a huge fan of pastels for babies…I think any baby looks great in colour.

AS 7

And doesn’t he just look adorable in them?

AS 8 AS 9

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FO: Cable Hat for Myself

Earlier this year I knitted myself another hat. You might remember me posting about my first hat here, which was back in 2012. I really do like my dark purple hat, but it’s just not warm enough when it gets cold and windy here, so I decided on a thicker one with a nice cable pattern, of course another DROPS pattern.


As I have a dark purple winter coat and a bright pink parka I thought this light purple/lilac would work well. I actually love this colour, ever since I used it to knit some gloves for a swap.


I love the cables on this hat and how they create this gorgeous crown…just a shame that when I wear it I can’t really see it.

Here are some shots of me wearing the hat:

IMG_4763 IMG_4762 1

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FO: Quick Hat for my Husband

Continuing with my posting in alphabetical order, here’s a hat I knitted for my husband for Christmas.

It’s one of the more boring FOs I have made, but the pattern is nice and quick. I used DROPS Merino Extra Fine in a dark brown, so that me husband can wear it with pretty much anything. And he likes it, which is a bonus. So, without further ado, here are some pictures.

AP 12 AP 13 AP 14


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WIP Wednesday

I’ve got two things on the go at the moment. They are both very quick items that I love knitting and that I’ve knitted A LOT in the last year…but to be honest I still haven’t blogged about them all…so watch this space.

The first WIPs are these booties, following the Saartjes Bootees pattern, but with my alteration. These are for a boy, hence my colour choices.

WIPW 02.04.14 3

The other WIP is a matching beanie, and it’s another much used pattern of mine.

WIPW 02.04.14 2

I wasn’t 100% convinced about the colours initially, but now I really like them. I think they’re perfect for Spring and since this baby boy is due beginning of May I think they’ll work perfectly.

WIPW 02.04.14 1I’ve also just finished something for Luke…and had to order some buttons for it from TextileGarden…there are some really pretty ones left over that make me think that I should find something for myself to knit to fit with the buttons. Have you ever done that, knitted around buttons that you had?

WIPW 02.04.14 4

And finally, just a quick preview of what I just finished for Luke.

WIPW 02.04.14 5

Linking in with Tamis Amis today for WIP Wednesdays.