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FO: Baby Socks

I’ve been going through my old pictures again and here’s a pair of socks that I knitted for my friends little girl early this year. You might remember seeing her on here wearing the tiny little yellow hat.

They’re my bog standard, straightforward sock knitting pattern and I love the colours. It’s a sock yarn that I bought in Germany, and I love the effect of the stripes.

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FO: More Baby Socks

Another pair of baby socks that I knitted when we were in Australia. These were meant to be sold at the Christmas market my friends and I did in early December, but alas, they were not. So, I’ve kept them safe and will gift them to a new baby soon.

I just follow my own pattern for these socks, and just amend the stitches I cast on depending on how big I want them to be. They look quite nice I think, and in fact they’re the same colour as the pair I made for Luke, which he still wears a lot!

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FO: Longish Toddler Socks

My good friend Kelly’s little boy Myron needed some warm, woollen socks in January and I made him a lovely red pair.

I made sure that they were a little bit longer so that they don’t slip off as easily. They’re similar to the pair I made for Luke actually, just a different colour.

And don’t they just look brilliant on Myron?

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FO: Charity Socks

Here’s a pair of newborn to 3 months socks that I knitted for charity while we were in Australia in November. They were knitted for a friend in Belfast who was organising a market to raise money for a little girl with cystic fibrosis.

I used some blue yarn that I had leftover in my stash and just my pattern to finish these.

They look tiny and that’s because they were actually tiny. I’m not sure whether they were actually sold, but I do hope that they found a good home. Here just a quick look at the little label I made for them.

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FO: Baby Socks

I mentioned the West Hampstead Christmas Market last week, it was on Saturday. And it was somewhat of a disaster. My friend and I had a few items to sell and we had samples so that we were able to take orders. We didn’t sell a single item, can you believe it? But we did get two orders each. This is one of the items that was for sale, a pair of socks for a 3-6 months old.

I whipped up this pair last week when we got back from Australia, and was really pleased how they turned out. I bought the yarn when I was in Germany in August, and it’s specific sock yarn called Regia. I love knitting with this yarn and especially like the colour patterns it creates.

And here’s the label I made myself…maybe I priced them too high, what do you think?

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FO: Baby Socks

Is there anything more precious than tiny baby socks? Yes, probably a baby in tiny baby socks, but I only have socks for you today. Still I think these are a particular adorable pair.

This is a pair that I made for a colleague in the US, who had a little baby girl in March. I followed my own pattern and used some of my leftover stash (I love it when I can use some up for a project such as this). They’re really easy to knit and I believe I made them in one evening. They can be knitted so quickly as they’re so tiny.

I think the colour combination worked out really well, and while they might look a tad boyish, they are still pretty unisex.

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Socks Galore: These Will Certainly Keep Baby Prasad Warm

I’ve been told that one can never have too many socks for a little one, which is part of the reason why made a number of different ones. Mostly they’re from the same pattern, but I made sure that they’re in different colours, to keep it interesting. I’ve heard that they fit really well and don’t fall off very often, which is always a good sign. I wouldn’t want our little one to get cold feet.

I like these ones, as I was able to use quite a lot of my leftover yarn for these. Plus, I think that blue would work for either a little boy or a girl. I’m still not 100% sure that it’s definitely a boy. After all if the sonographers got it wrong three times, they might have also got it wrong the last time. Not that it really matters, as long as little one is healthy!

These are from a stash of Drops Alpaca, so are extra, extra soft. I decided to not knit in rib for the top of the sock, just to make them look a little bit different. I think it works well, but maybe they just look a little bit on the bigger side. Nonetheless, I’m sure they’ll be fine once they’re on.

And here’s another pair made from another leftover stash of yellow Drops Alpaca, so they’re super soft!