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FO: Poncho

Last year in April I made a friend in Australia a poncho for her 40th birthday. She gave me free reign with regards to a pattern, but she wanted something in a muted colour, so we went with grey. IF 37 I used this DROPS pattern, which was a great knit! It’s amazing though how much yarn it called for, which I realised when I had to cast on 408 stitches.

IF 38 IF 40 IF 39

IF 45

I love the details of this pattern, the leaves, cables and the flowers look just gorgeous. They might seem difficult when first looking at the pattern, but they’re actually really easy to knit. This was especially easy after a few repeats of the pattern, they just worked themselves.

IF 42The large collar worked in rib was a great end to the poncho.

IF 41

As this is one of a few pieces that actually fit me I modelled the poncho.

Pattern: Frozen Ivy by DROPS Design
Yarn: Drops Muskat in medium grey
Needle size: 4mm

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FOs: Hat and Bootie Combo

Friends of ours in Australia had their second child, a boy, earlier this year and as luck would have it we were able to bring them this gift themselves when we went to Australia in February this year.

DPA 10 DPA 11 DPA 12The pattern is the old favourite, Saartjes Bootees.

DPA 13 DPA 14 DPA 15

And the hat is another DROPS pattern.

DPA 16 DPA 17


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FO: Adult Cardigan

I knitted this cardigan for a friend from Australia, who had seen a similar cardigan in a shop, but couldn’t find the right size. She picked out the colour of DROPS Eskimo yarn.

AA 11

AA 15

It’s one of the easiest adult knits I’ve ever knitted, garter stitch all the way and a very simple pattern, but I think it looks great nonetheless.

AA 16

I love the yarn my friend picked, especially with the added shade. It was a little tricky to knit with as the darker beige was spun into the light beige and came off in parts, but the finished piece works really well.

AA 13

AA 17

The other nice thing about the yarn is that it’s really nice and thick and I was able to knit with 8mm needles, so the cardigan just flew off the needles.

AA 12

AA 14I used buttons from my stash, which I think fit perfectly. And the biggest plus with this cardigan: I was able to hand it over in person to my friend when we were in Sydney earlier this year.

AA 18

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FO: Gramps Cardigan for Luke

I know I promised this FO two weeks ago, and time seems to have run away again. I am just too busy in the evenings to try and find time to blog, but I will try and rectify that!

So, without further ado, here are some details on the latest cardigan for Luke. First and foremost, this is not a DROPS pattern, shocking I know. It’s the Gramps Cardigan by Kate Oates. I’ve had this in my queue for a while and finally decided that this would be one of the projects that would come to Australia with me, and I even got to start it on the last few days of our holiday.

I decided to use cotton rather than wool yarn as I wanted it to be a Spring/Summer cardigan for Luke, so I went with DROPS Muskat. I loved working with it and as I wasn’t sure about sizing with cotton I decided to knit the size 4T. I am glad I did, because it fits Luke perfectly. Unfortunately I think it might only fit him in the Spring and might just be too short in the Summer. So I might knit this again at a later date in another yarn.

I love the details on this cardigan, the cable on the sleeves just adds that little bit extra and it works really well to bring the whole cardigan together. However, the best thing about the pattern is the cable on the front, it’s just gorgeous!

My husband actually likes the cardigan so much that he’s asked me to knit one for him…and I thought he was joking, but as I just found out that there is a pattern for an adult version…I might be able to make it for him after all! Now, any cardigan for Luke without Luke wearing it would be boring, right? Well you’re in luck, he let me take some pictures of him wearing it…and in fact he wears it most days, so I should really be able to get some more at some point. But in the meantime, without further ado:

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Blogtoberfest 2013

Yes, it is that time of year again, and this year for the third year I am taking part in Blogtoberfest.

This year it is being hosted by Shells in the Bush, and I have to say I am already looking forward to checking out all the blogs of my fellow participants. In the last two years I always found some really interesting like-minded people and I am sure I will find some this year too.

For a change I actually have lots of knitting projects that I can write about. For my first post I am going to write about a hat I made for my mother-in-law, who has been staying with us from Australia for the last 4 weeks, but she is actually leaving tomorrow.

The pattern is this one from DROPS, and the colours I picked with my husband.

MP 1  It was a great, straightforward knit. Although I tried to knit it first with intarsia, changing colour every two stitches and I had to unravel it again as it was just too tight. So, in the end I decided on stripes as just a plain pink or a plain grey would have been too boring.

MP 2

My mother-in-law loves it, she even brought it along on her trip this time, just in case it would be cold enough to wear it. However, it hasn’t been, which is actually lucky for us.

MP 5

And I found this lovely button in my stash, which I added as a chic little accent.

MP 4


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FO: Gorgeous Baby Boy in a Stripy Hat

A friend who I used to work with back in my PR days has recently had a baby boy. She lives in Australia and when I found out that her little munchkin had arrived I thought, perfect, it’s coming up to Winter Down Under and I can knit him something.

So, I decided on the easy beanie that I’ve knitted a few times already.

KJ 1I decided to go for a boyish blue and green combo and I really love the end result. The other thing I love about this hat is how very quickly it knits up. It uses DROPS Muskat, which is quite a nice, thick cotton yarn.

KJ 2My friends husband, who is an incredibly talented photographer, was kind enough to take some great pictures of their little boy in the hat. And isn’t he just adorable?

KJ 20 KJ 19 KJ 18 KJ 17 KJ 16

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Parcel from Australia

Look what arrived all the way from Australia:

It’s the parcel from the lovely Roberta at Rowantree Design. You may remember I knitted the little blue waistcoat for her gorgeous grandson Rowan. We did a swap for one of her overalls, here’s a little sneak peek:

The romper came in this brilliant bag (it might be something I have to steal from Roberta, it’s such a fantastic idea!). And here is the romper in all its glory, I promise to take some pictures of Luke wearing it tomorrow, although it’s probably a little too cold for it at the moment and I think it might be a tad too big at the moment. But it’ll be perfect in the summer!

And have a look at what Roberta also included for Luke, the best T-Shirt ever! Thank you so much Roberta, we’re going to cherish both!