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Blogtoberfest #10 Weekend Bits

Another new feature on my blog, which I’m hoping to put together every weekend.

1. The view from Alexandra Palace. 2. Papa and Luke posing in front of that amazing view. 3 + 4. The plaque for the first TV tower from the BBC and the tower itself. 5. Our little climber. 6. Conked out after waking up at 5:15am (I joined him for the first two hours of his three hour nap). 7 + 8. Our regular visitors. 9. Autum leaves. 10. Sunday roast, thanks to my lovely husband. 11 + 12. Bath time!

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 11th June

Luke’s new travel cot, bought in preparation for our trip to escape the Olympics end of July beginning of August.

Tuesday, 12th June

My little helper.

Wednesday, 13th June

We found a little baby bird on the way to the Teddy Bear Picnic and Olympics at Charlton House.

Thursday, 14th June


Friday, 15th June

 Papa and Luke playing.

Saturday, 16th June

Greenwich Park ready for the Olympics.

Sunday, 17th June

First look at my strawberries and flowering tomato plants.

Inspired by Just Shell.