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FO: Flouncy Dress and Matching Socks

An old friend from school ordered a dress and matching socks from me last November and I used this DROPS pattern for both.

I’ve knitted this pattern once before for a friend in Australia, but this time I used DROPS Alpaca as it was meant for someone in our colder climates. I love the pattern, especially the skirt. You start with an insane amount of stitches, in the region of 400+, with this thin yarn it’s a mission. But then it turns into this amazing skirt, knitting it made me really happy.

CS 14 CS 18 CS 19

My friend picked the colours and I think they’re unusual, but really, really nice for a girl.

CS 16 CS 20

The orange top called for double moss stitch, which finishes the dress off really nicely.

CS 17 CS 21 CS 22

And then the little socks I knitted in the orange.

CS 23 CS 24 CS 25

I have to say I didn’t love this pattern, I just don’t think it looks very pretty. Maybe that’s because I am not entirely happy with how my knit stitches look against the purl…but I think I am just being harsh on myself.

CS 26



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FO: A Pair of Silky Hats on the Way to Iceland

A friend I went to school with ordered a couple of silky hats from me that he wanted me to send to Iceland, and I managed to knit them up very quickly earlier this week. I posted them off to Iceland today.

The pattern, as you’ve probably noticed is one of my favourite. It’s always knitted up very quickly and this time I used the DROPS Alpaca Silk yarn, which is a combination of baby alpaca and mulberry silk…it’s scrumptiously soft.

And the second one is another one of my favourite. Again, it was also knitted in DROPS Alpaca Silk.

I’m not sure if the new arrival is going to be a boy or girl, so I picked these very neutral…but I think lovely colours.