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1/40 Beaches: Coogee Beach

I wasn’t sure if I was cheating adding Coogee Beach, as I didn’t actually make it onto the beach on Sunday, as it was insanely busy. But it’s my list and I can complete it however I like! đŸ™‚ And I have previously been on Coogee Beach, so it still counts!

And instead of stepping onto the beach my friend and I walked along the path and cliffs, where there were fewer people. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

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Taking Stock – March

I love the idea of taking a minute at the end of a month…to breathe…and to take stock…so I am using The Little Room of Rachell as an inspiration.

Making: my youngest a rainbow pillow mattress for his 4th birthday.

Cooking: pancakes…almost every day!
Drinking: Schoefferhofer Weizen on a recent trip to Melbourne. Wheat beer is my absolutely favourite.

Reading: the latest issue of PomPom Quarterly.
Wanting: more time to knit.
Playing: with my kids.
Liking: my eldest little felt heart that he made all on his own for his first crush.

Deciding: on outdoor furniture for ….see below under ‘buying’.
Wishing: for the ability to teleport to be able to see friends and family in Europe in the blink of an eye.
Enjoying: cooler nights as we head into Autum and Winter here in the Southern Hemisphere.
Wondering: whether I really should be buying more yarn from the gorgeous Imogen at 24 Mile Hollow Yarn Co.

Loving: changes.
Pondering: what is happening in the world.
Considering: going out to get more wheat beer (I said it was a problem, didn’t I?)
Buying: a house!!!! So excited….move in date is end of May!
Watching: Killing Eve with Sandra Oh….
Hoping: for sun tomorrow for my eldest first officaly outing as a Cub with the Scouts!
Marvelling: at the view from Taronga Zoo, where we spent last Sunday.

Cringing: at everything that is happening with Brexit…I just cannot…!
Needing: more time…
Questioning: certain decisions.
Smelling: the bathwater with bubbles my boys are sitting in.
Wearing: these pants (sorry…trousers) from Uniqlo.
Following: gorgeous friends like european_ali_with_a_twist, naroth13 and visualstories.photographer on Instagram.
Knowing: that I want more knitting and more importantly more yarn in my life next month!

Thinking: about what to make for my mum and my niece for their birthdays, coming up in April.
Admiring: socks, jumpers and shawls…on Instagram…and on Ravelry.
Sorting: clothes….
Bookmarking: my eldest son’s new programmes: reading, maths and spelling…I never had any of these and still managed…it’s baffling.
Coveting: outdoor garden sets…for the above purchase.
Disliking: being far from friends and family.
Opening: up to new experiences (being photographed in a 3D exhibion while out with the au pairs I look after)…working.

Feeling: happy and excited.
Snacking: on nothing at all!
Helping: others by getting rid of toys and games this month.
Hearing: my kids in the bath, listening to their Toniebox.
Mixing: ….
Slicing: through cake earlier in the month for my youngest birthday… my good friend made the most amazing cake for a joint party.

Celebrating: birthdays!
Forgetting: that life can actually be absolutely amazing!
Winning: at yarn chicken….bought two skeins of this Brooklyn Tweed Peerie yarn and only needed one for socks for my eldest.

Pretending: to be an expert at WordPress…I really have a lot to learn!
Sneaking: an episode of ‘Killing Eve’ in during the week…when I was meant to be working.
Embracing: my gorgeous son on the way to the zoo…I love him to the moon and back (both of them).

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FO: Lacy Baby Dress (with Baby)

In March 2013 I knitted my best friend’s little girl a purple lacy dress as a belated birthday present.

KMB 73

I knitted this lovely Little Liza Jane dress, which is a great pattern.

KMB 75

It’s really straightforward pattern, with some nice added touches. Like the lace going up the skirt, and an added picot border at the bottom.

KMB 74

And for the bodice a lovely cable pattern.

KMB 76

I knitted this in DROPS Muskat, a nice cotton yarn that has a lovely sheen to it.

KMB 78

I also knit a pair of booties, using my version of Saartjes Bootees, adding a little extra touch to it.

KMB 79 KMB 80 KMB 81

And here is the dress with the booties, I am really pleased with how they turned out.

KMB 82

My friend send me some photos of her sweet girl wearing the dress…and doesn’t she just look adorable in it?

KMB 85

KMB 84 KMB 83


Pattern: Little Liza Jane by Alison Green.
Yarn: DROPS Muskat in purple..
Needle size: 4mm
Knitting time: March 2014.

Pattern: My version of Saartjes Bootees by Saartje de Brujin.
Yarn: DROPS Muskat in dark purple and lilac.
Needle size: 3mm
Knitting time: March 2014.

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FO: Max’ Chevron Baby Blanket

Ok folks, I am going to attempt to post every day this December, so wish me luck! First off, here’s the chevron baby blanket I made for my Max.

I previously made this in black, grey and white for my friend, and posted about it here.

The pattern is this one and it’s brilliant how easy it is to knit, but actually looks very sophisticated.

I picked these blues and greens specifically when I knew we were expecting Max, I love them all together.

And here is my gorgeous boy, when he still seemed very little all wrapped up in his blanket.

MP 29 MP 30 MP 31 MP 32 MP 33 MP 34

Pattern: Chevron Baby Blanket by Espace Tricot.
Yarn: DROPS Merino Extra Fine in light greyish green, pistachio, green, north sea, turquoise, dark blue, denim blue, grey blue, light grey blue.
Needle size: 4mm
Knitting time: 12-19th February 2015.



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WIP Wednesday

I am currently working on these socks for the daughter of one of Luke’s previous playgroup teachers.


I am using this amazing Japanese yarn, which is lovely to work with and my friend gave me two skeins. I am hoping it will be enough.
On a separate not, Luke and I got the most amazing parcel from Melissa over at Knitting Sandwich today.
Some scrumptious yarn for me and a very cool personalised slingshot with ‘pom poms’ as Luke put it.


Thanks so much Melissa!!!!