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Blogtoberfest #18 Review Friday: TROFAST

Something a little different this week, an Ikea product that is meant to be for a kids room, but I don’t think it absolutely needs to be. It’s the TROFAST shelf series. We bought two sets of these when we still lived at our old place when Luke was about seven months old.

Most people know my love of Ikea, our house is practically an Ikea showroom :-), and this is yet another great example of the genius of Ikea products. This is an amazingly effective storage solution for a childs room. The fact that you can customise the shelf with the different coloured drawers is just brilliant. We decided to pick a range of colours, the only one we didn’t add was blue. And we also added a couple of shelfs so that we’re able to put Luke’s books up there.

And it also really brightens up the room with the different coloured drawers. At our last trip to Ikea we also finally bought some lids for the drawers, so that they don’t gather as much dust.

I don’t have anything negative to say about these shelves, which can only be a good sign, right?

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Blogtoberfest #8 Review Friday: Stokke® Sleepi™

This is going to be a new feature on my blog, every Friday (well the Friday’s that I manage to) I will be reviewing a product that we’ve used or are still using. These will be mainly baby/toddler/kid-related products and the one I’m starting with is the Stokke® Sleepi™. The company behind this is of course Stokke and this is what they say about it on their website:

“Your first bed turns into your second. And third. And fourth!™. The Stokke® Sleepi™ has been designed to grow with your child and can be used from birth to approximately 10 years of age using additional parts.”

There’s no denying that I have a love affair with Scandinavian design, it used to be Ikea only, but since I’ve had to purchase nursery furniture and baby equipment I’ve also fallen in love with Stokke.

So, when it came to buying a cot I knew straight away that I wanted the Stokke Sleepi. It took a little time to convince my husband as he didn’t get the brilliance of the product, the fact that it grows from a mini cot to a bed that sleeps a kid of up to 10 years. Once I explained that he was happy to fork out just under £350 for it (this was about two years ago).

We’ve used the Sleepi, the mini version, since Luke was born, although he didn’t initially spend much time sleeping in it as we co-slept. However, since he was seven months old he has loved sleeping in the medium sized version of the Sleepi, but only during the night. His naps he still prefers to be in the Stokke® Xplory® (review to come).

I think it’s a great concept, the fact that the bed grows with your child. You have the option to add wheels to the cot, so that you can roll it around the house, should you wish to do so. This works best when it’s the mini version. Additionally, the fact that you can add a canopy, yes, even for a boy, makes it a very cosy place to sleep. Here are my pros and cons:


  • Fantastic concept, the fact it grows with the child
  • Oval shape, which is very cosy for the one sleeping in it
  • It is the same bed, making cot to bed changes unneccesary, which can often disrupt sleep
  • Ability to change the height of the mattress, growing with the child


  • The mattresses could be better quality, for example kapok or latex
  • The price is quite high, but you pay for the quality of the product.

 And here is our journey so far with the Stokke Sleepi: