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6/40: Orion Beach

On the June long weekend we rented a little AirBnB in Vincentia and I made my family trek to quite a few beaches when we were down there. Luckily this one was right on our doorstep, in fact, most of them were. This one in particular was right behind our house.

It was a glorious evening, albeit it a little bit chilly! But that didn’t stop my crazy boys from hopping in the water, with their wetsuits on of course! I stayed rugged up in my doona aka padded coat, beanie and shawl!

This beach is in a bay and the atmosphere that evening with the calm water and the sun going down was spectacular. We were even lucky enough to see two dolphins swim past in the distance!

But I did get my toes wet (my criteria while I visit these 40 beaches this year).

This little hidden gem is well worth a visit, especially if you are in and around Jervis Bay.

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5/40: Cudmirrah Beach

Oh I have a whole bunch of beaches to show of to you. We spend the long weekend down in Jervis Bay and when we got there I told my family that we had to visit at least 6 beaches while we were there. We managed a few! The first one was Cudmirrah Beach, the ocean side by the Sussex Inlet.

We went there after we spent the morning at the Viking Festival, which was great! Lots of fun. It was a rather chilly day, a leftover of the arctic chill that came through earlier last week.

What a beautiful coastal spot and it being a bit colder it was absolutely deserted.

We had fun!