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FO: Cocola the Koala

This little guy, Cocola the Koala hasn’t appeared on here before, at least not this version. I made him in 2019 for a friend, who was gifting him to a new arrival.

The pattern is from the Sweet Crochet Friends book by Khuc Cay (her patterns are also available on Ravelry.) And he was a joy to make. A brilliantly written pattern that was easy to follow and looks adorable finished.

He looks like a happy little fellow, doesn’t he? 😉

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FO: Knitted Flowers Last Forever

Knitted flowers are such a pleasure to make. A couple of years ago I made a bunch of them for a good friend’s daugher and made it into a beautiful flower crown.

These are mainly from this beautiful book: 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet by Lesley Stanfield. It’s a treasure trove for many different flowers and even some vegetables, I highly recommend it.

Some of the flowers I had knitted in previous years, so really, all I needed to do was make the crown, which I did by knitting up a tube and threading a wide elastic band through it. And then sewing the flowers onto that crown.

Before I posted this beauty off to my friends daugther I had to take some pictures of me wearing it. It made me so happy.

Doesn’t it make your heart sing? My friend was kind enough to send me some pictures of her daughter, who is a genius with make up, check her out!

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FO: Grace Doll

As some of you will know in my day job I work for a pretty amazing program. We bring occupational and physical therapists, special needs care providers, etc. to Australia to help families with kids with special needs. These young men and women are incredible… I support them in their time here, and feel like their mother hen. So, what do you think would happen when one of them found and married her Aussie husband and didn’t waste any time to have a baby? I got busy! This doll is just one of the things I made for her daughter.

I used a new to me pattern by stunning designer Julia Litvin. I had pinned the pattern a while ago on my Pinterest. Of course I customised the pattern and changed up the colours of the doll’s dress.

And I love the end result. It’s a wonderful pattern, very well written and easy to follow.

I love the details of the hair and the ruffles of the dres, the little socks with their lacy tops. Just brilliant!

All together a happy little girl!

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FO: Hop, hop, hopping Kangaroo

Do you know how much fun it is to make amigurumi animals? And even better when they are one of the national animals of the country I have chosen to call home!

This little guy I made for my very good friend back in England, for her son’s 1st birthday.

He’s based on the brilliant pattern by Belle & Grace Handmade Crochet. Amanda designs some incredibly lifelike and fun amigurumi patterns and I have made a fair few of her guys. She’s got a real knack for writting patterns that are easy to follow, which means you end up with a result you can be proud of.

While you have the option to make a pouch for a little joey, the pattern doesn’t come with a joey included. so I just went ahead and made my own little due to fit in Mama Kangaroo’s pouch.

I think it passes as a baby joey…

I made sure to attach the little guy, so that he wouldn’t be lost! My friend tells me her son loved his gift!

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FO: Amigurumi Bunny

Do you know how much fun it is to make Amigurumi toys? There is something very satisfying about crocheting random body parts, stuffing them and ending up with something as adorable as this little bunny for example:

I made this little lady for one of the au pairs I supported when she was here in Australia a couple of years ago. She had a baby girl earlier this year and I knew I absolutely had to make something for her sweet daughter.

I am so happy with how the bunny turned out. I followed a free pattern that I found online. I did change it up a little bit and added eyes and of course I picked different colours for the clothes, but the end result is particularly cute I think!

And little lady agrees! She really seems to like it!

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FO: Unicorn

Back in 2019 I made this sweet Unicorn amigurumi for my best friend’s daughter in London. She had asked me a few months earlier when they had visited if I would make it for her.

The amazing thing was that during that time I discovered crochet again, because of these little creatures. And they are a lot of fun to make! Every time I make a new one I enjoy it even more.

The nice thing about these crochet pieces is that I can dive into my cotton stash and utilise many of my leftovers. I especially like making the mane and tail, so much fun to make especially with all these rainbow colours!

The pattern I used is a free one, Jazzy the Unicorn by Jess Huff, available on Ravelry. It’s wonderfully easy to make up and quite a quick project too.

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Finished Object: Turtle

Simple and straightforward, this little turtle is a joy to make. In fact this little guy is my second one. I made this for one of my eldest sons school friends back in 2019.

I love the roundness of amigurumi and I always stuff them good. They need to be firm and not too flimsy!

I had made a version of this for a good friend and she loved him. When everyone else saw the little dude, they wanted one also! I call that a great success!

And whenver I am making an amigirumi toy/animal, I have soooo much fun! Makes me smile.

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Friday Finds

Easter is almost upon us… we are going to be away, but every year we make sure to dye some eggs (it’s tradition). I love the 40 different ideas from Mollie Makes.

I just adore these embroidery make your own jewelry kits from Alicia Paulson…stunning!

Have you ever wondered what the right knitting needles or crochet hooks are? Check out Vickie Howell’s guide!

Simply Maggie’s knitter-specific key chains are to-die-for!

Oh this basket (maybe not just for Easter) is perfect!

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Finished object: Quokka Love

Unless you are into unusual animals, or have been or live in Australia it’s unlikely that you know about Quokka’s. Which is a shame, because they are pretty amazing. When one my au pairs (and good friend) returned home last year, I knew I HAD to make this little guy for her.

What fun I had making him. Quokka’s are pretty amazing animals. They are known to mainly live in the wild on Rottnest Island in Western Australia, and a couple of other places in Australia. They are known to be ‘the happiest animal in the world’ sparking the trend for ‘Quokka selfies’.

I used Schachenmayr Catania for this little guy and I think the colours work really well! And what about that little camera? Isn’t it just the cutest?

: Quinny the Quokka by Blue Sparrow Handmade.
Yarn: Schachenmayr Catania
Hook size: 2.5mm
Crochet time: 22nd-25th May 2020.