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6/40: Orion Beach

On the June long weekend we rented a little AirBnB in Vincentia and I made my family trek to quite a few beaches when we were down there. Luckily this one was right on our doorstep, in fact, most of them were. This one in particular was right behind our house.

It was a glorious evening, albeit it a little bit chilly! But that didn’t stop my crazy boys from hopping in the water, with their wetsuits on of course! I stayed rugged up in my doona aka padded coat, beanie and shawl!

This beach is in a bay and the atmosphere that evening with the calm water and the sun going down was spectacular. We were even lucky enough to see two dolphins swim past in the distance!

But I did get my toes wet (my criteria while I visit these 40 beaches this year).

This little hidden gem is well worth a visit, especially if you are in and around Jervis Bay.

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Hike 5/40: Karloo Pools Track

I got another hike in with my mother-in-law yesterday. It was a very grey and drizzly day, but boy was it worth it.

We hiked the Karloo Pool track, which is a there and back 5.5km track. It’s graded hard…and we were a bit unsure at first. It was the hardest one I have done to date (bearing in mind that I did quite a few last year that I am not counting in my 40 hikes list). But it was so worth it!

The Uloola Falls on that board also appeal ;-).

At the bottom, as the name suggests, you are rewarded with amazing pools and I do really want to come back in Summer to try them out. I am sure my boys would also be up for that! We loved the cave that looks almost comfortable enough to sleep in, and even has a window!

It was one for the soul, despite the rain! And stunning flora too!

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5/40: Cudmirrah Beach

Oh I have a whole bunch of beaches to show of to you. We spend the long weekend down in Jervis Bay and when we got there I told my family that we had to visit at least 6 beaches while we were there. We managed a few! The first one was Cudmirrah Beach, the ocean side by the Sussex Inlet.

We went there after we spent the morning at the Viking Festival, which was great! Lots of fun. It was a rather chilly day, a leftover of the arctic chill that came through earlier last week.

What a beautiful coastal spot and it being a bit colder it was absolutely deserted.

We had fun!

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Hike 4/40: Woronora River Bridge Loop (alternate end)

After what seemed like an eternity I finally went on another hike! I have some catching up to do.

I decided on a closer one to home with my mother-in-law, my eldest and one of his friend coming along. Woronora is such a beautiful place I knew I wanted to explore it a bit more. I came prepared and wore my knee support. I am not sure I actually needed it, but it reminded me that I needed to be careful.

We had a wonderful time, the boys found a big stick that they carried the entire 5kms of the way. We did decide to cut the last loop a little bit short, as the boys were getting a little bit tired towards the end.

And despite it almost being Winter here in Australia, we spotted some beautiful flora!

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3/40: Wattamolla Beach

There are some beaches that are just….

I had heard about Wattamolla from various friends over the last few years and I was really keen to visit, yet it had never happened. Because this beach is situated in the Royal National Park, on gloriously sunny and hot days it was often full. However, this weekend, after the flooding we had last weekend, and with a good friend of mine visiting, I thought we would take a chance. Heck, it was sooo worth while!

The best thing about checking out these new beaches is when it happens with good friends.

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40 Things List: Latest Update

1. Take part in a rally driving session
2. Practice my violin
3. Make and donate items to charity
4. Proper rock climbing – with regular practice sessions: ON HOLD until my knee is better.
5. 40 different hikes/walks in NSW (or further afield if possible). I managed to complete three hikes this month, and on the last one I hurt my knee quite badly, so have been out of action. 
* Hike 1/40: Engadine to Heathcote Loop
* Hike 2/40: Fitzroy Falls West Rim Track to The Grotto 
* Hike 3/40: Evans Crown Track
6. Hunter Valley wine tour
7. Canyoning
8. Obtain a boat licence
9. Trip to New Zealand (if possible)
10. Weekly photo of the boys. 
* 1/52
* 2/52
* 3/52
* 4/52
* 5/52
* 6/52
* 7/52
* 8/52
* 9/52
11. Daily photo for the entire year. ONGOING.
12. Write or blog most days. ONGOING.
13. Teach a craft class
14. No new clothes all year. ONGOING.
15. Regular outings as a family. STARTED: here.
16. Buy and own art: Done! See post about it here.
17. Use up my extensive yarn stash
18. Only buy yarn for specific commissioned projects. I had to order some yarn!
19. Visit 40 beaches, STARTED: 
* 1/40: Coogee Beach
* 2/40: Bondi Beach
20. Roadtrip to the Outback
21. Beibehaltungsgenehmigung – Aussie Citizenship
22. Weekend away with Megan & Bettina
23. Memory quilts for the boys
24. Move every day for 30-60 mins. ON HOLD, due to knee injury.
25. Monthly video calls with family and friends, ONGOING.
26. Refresh Italian (penpal)
27. Practice and improve my swimming ability
28. Hot Air Balloon Ride
29. Sign up to do my ‘Master of Handknitting’
30. Write 40 letters throughout the year. STARTED!
31. Cocktail making course
32. Stand Up Paddle boarding
33. Read more – aim for 10 books during the year. STARTED: The Testaments by Margeret Atwood
34. Random acts of kindness. STARTED and ONGOING
35. Plant roses: Done! See post about it here.
36. Drive in Movie: Done! See post about it here.
37. Roadtrip without destination
38. Regular German practice with the boys
39. Campervan holiday
40. 4 days away on my own.