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Friday Finds

Easter is almost upon us… we are going to be away, but every year we make sure to dye some eggs (it’s tradition). I love the 40 different ideas from Mollie Makes.

I just adore these embroidery make your own jewelry kits from Alicia Paulson…stunning!

Have you ever wondered what the right knitting needles or crochet hooks are? Check out Vickie Howell’s guide!

Simply Maggie’s knitter-specific key chains are to-die-for!

Oh this basket (maybe not just for Easter) is perfect!

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Finished Object: Stary, Stary Hat

I know Winter in Europe is slowly but surely melting away. But while I was going through my pictures today I remembered making not 1, but 2 of this particular hat for my good friend’s daughter in England. The first one I wrote about here.

Funny story, the first hat was passed on to a sister and it then encountered an accident and was placed on a lamp by mistake and got a little bit burnt. My friend and her daughters loved the hat so much that she asked me to make another one. I was very happy to oblige!

It’s a great DROPS Design pattern, that might give the appearance of looking quote complicated due to the colourwork, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. It’s knitted with two strands of yarn held double, which makes it a nice and quick knit. And it’s wonderfully soft and warm, definitly a hit!

I love these pictures that my friend shared with me almost 5 years ago now…I am embarrassed that it’s taken me so long to post them.

: DROPS Children 12-17 by DROPS Design.
Yarn: DROPS Alpaca
Needle size: 7mm
Knitting time: 10th April 2016.

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Finished object: Quokka Love

Unless you are into unusual animals, or have been or live in Australia it’s unlikely that you know about Quokka’s. Which is a shame, because they are pretty amazing. When one my au pairs (and good friend) returned home last year, I knew I HAD to make this little guy for her.

What fun I had making him. Quokka’s are pretty amazing animals. They are known to mainly live in the wild on Rottnest Island in Western Australia, and a couple of other places in Australia. They are known to be ‘the happiest animal in the world’ sparking the trend for ‘Quokka selfies’.

I used Schachenmayr Catania for this little guy and I think the colours work really well! And what about that little camera? Isn’t it just the cutest?

: Quinny the Quokka by Blue Sparrow Handmade.
Yarn: Schachenmayr Catania
Hook size: 2.5mm
Crochet time: 22nd-25th May 2020.

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Friday Finds

A stunning pair of socks by Helen Kurtz in the latest issue of The Knitter.

Save the date: Sit and Knit for a Bit Spring Podcast with Arne & Carlos. This is what they say about it:

“To mark the first anniversary of our quarantine podcast, we have decided to do a daily “Sit and Knit for a Bit” Spring Podcast and KAL from March 17th to March 28th, so make sure to save the dates!”

Easter is just around the corner and the guys at Mollie Makes have a couple of sweet Easter crafts.

First off these needle felt egg cosies…they are just too cute for words.

And this fantastic Easter Card.

Some patterns I am loving on Ravelry…

The Brighton Tank and Shorts by Julie Robinson.

The Shorty sock Set by Summer Lee.

Last, but not least, a roundup of the best knitting kits by Mollie Makes. I want to buy them all!

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40 Things List: Latest Update

1. Take part in a rally driving session
2. Practice my violin
3. Make and donate items to charity
4. Proper rock climbing – with regular practice sessions: ON HOLD until my knee is better.
5. 40 different hikes/walks in NSW (or further afield if possible). I managed to complete three hikes this month, and on the last one I hurt my knee quite badly, so have been out of action. 
* Hike 1/40: Engadine to Heathcote Loop
* Hike 2/40: Fitzroy Falls West Rim Track to The Grotto 
* Hike 3/40: Evans Crown Track
6. Hunter Valley wine tour
7. Canyoning
8. Obtain a boat licence
9. Trip to New Zealand (if possible)
10. Weekly photo of the boys. 
* 1/52
* 2/52
* 3/52
* 4/52
* 5/52
* 6/52
* 7/52
* 8/52
* 9/52
11. Daily photo for the entire year. ONGOING.
12. Write or blog most days. ONGOING.
13. Teach a craft class
14. No new clothes all year. ONGOING.
15. Regular outings as a family. STARTED: here.
16. Buy and own art: Done! See post about it here.
17. Use up my extensive yarn stash
18. Only buy yarn for specific commissioned projects. I had to order some yarn!
19. Visit 40 beaches, STARTED: 
* 1/40: Coogee Beach
* 2/40: Bondi Beach
20. Roadtrip to the Outback
21. Beibehaltungsgenehmigung – Aussie Citizenship
22. Weekend away with Megan & Bettina
23. Memory quilts for the boys
24. Move every day for 30-60 mins. ON HOLD, due to knee injury.
25. Monthly video calls with family and friends, ONGOING.
26. Refresh Italian (penpal)
27. Practice and improve my swimming ability
28. Hot Air Balloon Ride
29. Sign up to do my ‘Master of Handknitting’
30. Write 40 letters throughout the year. STARTED!
31. Cocktail making course
32. Stand Up Paddle boarding
33. Read more – aim for 10 books during the year. STARTED: The Testaments by Margeret Atwood
34. Random acts of kindness. STARTED and ONGOING
35. Plant roses: Done! See post about it here.
36. Drive in Movie: Done! See post about it here.
37. Roadtrip without destination
38. Regular German practice with the boys
39. Campervan holiday
40. 4 days away on my own.

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Some Baby Knits

I am hoping to have posted about all the completed knits I have made over the last few years by the end of this year… a pretty ambitious undertaking. I am not a slow knitter, so there are a lot of projects, I am not sure there are enough days in the year… I will need to double up!

This is The Little Chestnut pattern by DROPS Design. I used some DROPS BabyAlpacaSilk from my stash for this, making it a super soft little hat.

I didn’t follow any pattern here and used some sock yarn from my stash…I can’t remember exactly which one.

Who doesn’t love a pair of red boots? Especially when they are tiny. This is my own pattern, available for free on Ravelry.