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FO: Bright Pink Socks

Knitters tend to have a love/hate relationship with knitting socks. I actually love making them, and I tend to have a pair on the go as my small to-to ‘travel’ knitting project. The following pair I knitted for one of the au pairs (or care professionals as we call them as they are fully trained specialists) who I supported during her time here in Australia. She is a pink-fanatic, as you can see!

The pattern was one that I had in my Ravelry queue for a few years is the Snowfall Socks by Tabitha Gandee. I am pretty sure the yarn was from 24 Mile Hollow Yarn Co. The socks were easy to make, I had to pay attention to make sure the purl pattern on the top of the sock was right, but apart from that they flew off the needles.

It’s funny, pink, much like red, is really hard to photograph well. But I guess the brightness of the yarn shines through in these photos.

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FO: A Skirt for a Tea Pot (Tea Cosy)

Sometimes you just have to make something that might seem ridiculous to most, but is actually fun to make and very, very practical.

When my friend asked me whether I could make her a tea cosy for a specific tea pot, I was very happy to oblige! I searched on Ravelry to find the right pattern, and got started. I was able to use a fair bit of leftover yarn that I had in my stash and was even able to stick to the green theme my friend requested.

The way the pattern is designed, it gives the tea cosy a real insulating quality. And it looks pretty chic at the same time!

A quick knit, and a pretty clever pattern too!

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FO: Cocola the Koala

This little guy, Cocola the Koala hasn’t appeared on here before, at least not this version. I made him in 2019 for a friend, who was gifting him to a new arrival.

The pattern is from the Sweet Crochet Friends book by Khuc Cay (her patterns are also available on Ravelry.) And he was a joy to make. A brilliantly written pattern that was easy to follow and looks adorable finished.

He looks like a happy little fellow, doesn’t he? 😉

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Onto a New Year! Welcome 2022!

Started the year right with a hike to the Karloo Pools in Heathcote, a great success!
Even this little man managed to do the hike without much complaining!