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FO: Ankers Suit

There is something very sweet about babies in knitted rompers. And they are equally suitable to baby boys and baby girls. The Ankers Suit from PetiteKnit had been in my Ravelry for a few years, I was really keen to make it for someone’s baby. I love Mette’s simple, yet classic designs.

I have been on a mission the last few years to use up the yarn I have in my stash. And no, that doesn’t mean I don’t buy any new yarn, it just means I am a bit more considerate about when I need to buy new yarn and I will dive into my stash first to see if I can find something suitable. This incredibly lush and soft yarn is from my stash and I knew it needed to be used for a baby garment of some kind.

I also knew that it was high time that I made the Ankers Suit. An old colleague and friend was due with her third child last year, her first baby boy. This was the perfect gift for her. I had made items for her two girls as well, and she always loved what I knitted for her.

I am so happy with the end result, I love the pattern. It’s so straighforward, but with that added yoke detail. I also adore how the colours interplay with each other. I am calling this a great success. I knew it would be a little bit big, and I had hoped that I got the seasons right and my friends son would be able to wear it at the right time. Imagine my surprise when she tagged me this week on Facebook in her sweet, now 1 year old, wearing his romper. What a joy!