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Hike 4/40: Woronora River Bridge Loop (alternate end)

After what seemed like an eternity I finally went on another hike! I have some catching up to do.

I decided on a closer one to home with my mother-in-law, my eldest and one of his friend coming along. Woronora is such a beautiful place I knew I wanted to explore it a bit more. I came prepared and wore my knee support. I am not sure I actually needed it, but it reminded me that I needed to be careful.

We had a wonderful time, the boys found a big stick that they carried the entire 5kms of the way. We did decide to cut the last loop a little bit short, as the boys were getting a little bit tired towards the end.

And despite it almost being Winter here in Australia, we spotted some beautiful flora!

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Finished Knit from 2014: Adult Cardigan

I am almost embarrassed to say how long ago I knitted this cardigan…January 2014. It was made for a good friend of mine back in the UK.

I love this simple but elegant cardigan. It’s a DROPS Design pattern, I remember knitting a lot of their patterns back in 2014. In fact, I don’t remember much else about this knit (hangs head in shame)….but I know my friend loved wearing it.

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Loves to ice skate, but did face plant within a few minutes of going on the ice….
Loves his grandma… so good to be able to spend time with her. Makes us miss our Oma.
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FO: Fantoosh

Shawls were something I started knitting in about 2018 and this beauty, the Fantoosh pattern from Kate Davies Designs was my first ever shawl.

It’s such a straight forward pattern that creates a beautiful shawl. I can’t remember exactly which yarn I used, but I do know that I ran out of yarn and had to get another lot for the border, which is why that is a slightly different shade of red.

It might look intricate and complicated, but once you have mastered the repitition of the pattern it just flies off the needles.

And the best thing about this shawl, it keeps me wonderfully warm!

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FO: Unicorn

Back in 2019 I made this sweet Unicorn amigurumi for my best friend’s daughter in London. She had asked me a few months earlier when they had visited if I would make it for her.

The amazing thing was that during that time I discovered crochet again, because of these little creatures. And they are a lot of fun to make! Every time I make a new one I enjoy it even more.

The nice thing about these crochet pieces is that I can dive into my cotton stash and utilise many of my leftovers. I especially like making the mane and tail, so much fun to make especially with all these rainbow colours!

The pattern I used is a free one, Jazzy the Unicorn by Jess Huff, available on Ravelry. It’s wonderfully easy to make up and quite a quick project too.

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A weekly photo of my boys.

Loves the pen one of my male au pairs has given him … the green colour helps!
Who would have thought that this dude who refused to even see the dentist until last year is now this happy to be in the chair!