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4/40: Thirroul Beach

This is by no means a ‘new-to-me’ beach, but the first time I am mentioning it on here!

We are lucky to be able to visit this beach whenever we want as my mother-in-law moved to Thirroul about 9 months ago. We are so glad she did, it’s absolute heaven! It was a little bit windy yesterday, but that didn’t stop us!

Along this stretch of the coast there are many, many beautiful beaches that we haven’t visited yet, so be prepared for some more soon!

My crazy two boys, despite a cool temperature of 19 degrees, and a very windy day, put on their wetsuits and still went in the creek. The waves were a little too high and too intimidating, even for my eldest.

I managed to do a little bit of knitting while I was there, but it was just too windy to be enjoyable…so I just enjoyed the sun instead!

My favourite part though of visiting this beach was that we could show it to our friend who has been visiting from Byron! So much fun!

Lunching with favourite boys and grandma, wind and sand included!