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Finished Object: Stary, Stary Hat

I know Winter in Europe is slowly but surely melting away. But while I was going through my pictures today I remembered making not 1, but 2 of this particular hat for my good friend’s daughter in England. The first one I wrote about here.

Funny story, the first hat was passed on to a sister and it then encountered an accident and was placed on a lamp by mistake and got a little bit burnt. My friend and her daughters loved the hat so much that she asked me to make another one. I was very happy to oblige!

It’s a great DROPS Design pattern, that might give the appearance of looking quote complicated due to the colourwork, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. It’s knitted with two strands of yarn held double, which makes it a nice and quick knit. And it’s wonderfully soft and warm, definitly a hit!

I love these pictures that my friend shared with me almost 5 years ago now…I am embarrassed that it’s taken me so long to post them.

: DROPS Children 12-17 by DROPS Design.
Yarn: DROPS Alpaca
Needle size: 7mm
Knitting time: 10th April 2016.