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Lucky No. 16 on my list (Buy and Own Art)

I am amazed at how many people loved my list from my post yesterday. Who know it would speak to you all. Thank you for your comments across my social media. I love it. I will endeavour to share with you how I am going.

One of the items on my list I am incredibly excited about was Number 16. Buying and owning art. Especially since I have already found the most incredible series of 5 pieces of art in my friend Thomas Buchich’s gallery in Berrima, in the Southern Highlands: WhiteWall Art Projects.

Thomas rotates an incredible selection of pieces from artists from across Australia and the rest of the world, and he also exhibits some of his stunning pieces. I particularly like any of his blue sculptures. Check out some of his work on his Instagram!

I visited in November and was in awe when I came across Judith Nangala Crispin’s work. According the the Financial Review, she’s: ‘The Artist that turns Roadkill into fine Art’.

I couldn’t walk past these incredible prints. Four birds and a lizard: roadkill. This is Judith’s description of the process: “Five panels of Lumachrome glass prints, chemigram, cliche-verre. Landscape and sky: cliche-verre and lumen from beached jellyfish, echidna spines, shed python skin, spiders, garnia seeds, twigs, rainforest ochres, oil paint, vegemite, petals and crystals made from copper chloride and acid with a current run through it – with roadkill southern boobook owl, roadkill masked lapwing, roadkill eastern water dragon, roadkill purple swamp hen, roadkill rainbow lorikeet on fibre paper. Exposure times of between 29 and 41 hours under acetate and perspex in humid conditions. Summer light and rain light.”

And all five of them are breakthtaking and the look absolutely fabulous in our stairwell.

Check out my Instagram highlights for some videos of these beauties up on my wall.