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My Exciting Year of 40 Things

It’s been quiet in my little corner here. And it’s not because I haven’t had anything to say. I felt it was necessary to take a break and let the last year work itself out.

That is all about to change. This year I am dedicating myself to a list of 40 things, in honour of turning the big 40. It’s exciting, I’m excited!

1. Take part in a rally driving session
2. Practice my violin
3. Make and donate items to charity
4. Proper rock climbing – with regular practice sessions
5. 40 different hikes/walks in NSW (or further afield if possible). STARTED: Hike 1 and Hike 2.
6. Hunter Valley wine tour
7. Canyoning
8. Obtain a boat licence
9. Trip to New Zealand (if possible)
10. Weekly photo of the boys. STARTED: Week 1.
11. Daily photo for the entire year. ONGOING.
12. Write or blog every day. ONGOING
13. Teach a craft class
14. No new clothes all year
15. Regular outings as a family. STARTED: here.
16. Buy and own art: Done! See post about it here.
17. Use up my extensive yarn stash
18. Only buy yarn for specific commissioned projects
19. Visit 40 beaches, STARTED: Coogee Beach.
20. Roadtrip to the Outback
21. Beibehaltungsgenehmigung – Aussie Citizenship
22. Weekend away with Megan & Bettina
23. Memory quilts for the boys
24. Move every day for 30-60 mins. STARTED…FitBit reinstated…
25. Monthly video calls with family and friends
26. Refresh Italian (penpal)
27. Practice and improve my swimming ability
28. 1 day a week without my phone (entire year). ONGOING
29. Sign up to do my ‘Master of Handknitting’
30. Write 40 letters throughout the year
31. Cocktail making course
32. Stand Up Paddle boarding
33. Read more – aim for 10 books during the year. STARTED: The Testaments by Margeret Atwood
34. Random acts of kindness
35. Plant roses: Done! See post about it here.
36. Drive in Movie: Done! See post about it here.
37. Roadtrip without destination
38. Regular German practice with the boys
39. Campervan holiday
40. 4 days away on my own

6 thoughts on “My Exciting Year of 40 Things

  1. Hello Anna, this is a wonderful liste ! I wish you all the best to acomplish every bit of it 🥰👍 And I would be really happy to be one of the 40 receipients of your letters 😍
    Wishing you and your family a very happy new year.
    Lots of love.

    1. Elisabeth, how wonderful to hear from you, thank you so much for your comment. You will be the first on my list to receive a letter :-). Let me know your address so I can post it directly to you :-). Lots and lots of love for the New Year!

  2. Very cool Anna! What is a Master or Handknitting?

    1. Ah thank you Sarah! The Master of Handknitting is a program organised by the American Knitters Guild where knitters can further their knitting and have it assessed with specific exercises and programs. Since I am already a proficient knitter I want to elevate my skills further.

  3. What a amazing list and inspiration !
    If you need company for the hunter let me know 😝

    1. Thanks my dear! Oh yes, I will keep you in mind for the Hunter :-).

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