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Taking Stock – March

I love the idea of taking a minute at the end of a month…to breathe…and to take stock…so I am using The Little Room of Rachell as an inspiration.

Making: my youngest a rainbow pillow mattress for his 4th birthday.

Cooking: pancakes…almost every day!
Drinking: Schoefferhofer Weizen on a recent trip to Melbourne. Wheat beer is my absolutely favourite.

Reading: the latest issue of PomPom Quarterly.
Wanting: more time to knit.
Playing: with my kids.
Liking: my eldest little felt heart that he made all on his own for his first crush.

Deciding: on outdoor furniture for ….see below under ‘buying’.
Wishing: for the ability to teleport to be able to see friends and family in Europe in the blink of an eye.
Enjoying: cooler nights as we head into Autum and Winter here in the Southern Hemisphere.
Wondering: whether I really should be buying more yarn from the gorgeous Imogen at 24 Mile Hollow Yarn Co.

Loving: changes.
Pondering: what is happening in the world.
Considering: going out to get more wheat beer (I said it was a problem, didn’t I?)
Buying: a house!!!! So excited….move in date is end of May!
Watching: Killing Eve with Sandra Oh….
Hoping: for sun tomorrow for my eldest first officaly outing as a Cub with the Scouts!
Marvelling: at the view from Taronga Zoo, where we spent last Sunday.

Cringing: at everything that is happening with Brexit…I just cannot…!
Needing: more time…
Questioning: certain decisions.
Smelling: the bathwater with bubbles my boys are sitting in.
Wearing: these pants (sorry…trousers) from Uniqlo.
Following: gorgeous friends like european_ali_with_a_twist, naroth13 and visualstories.photographer on Instagram.
Knowing: that I want more knitting and more importantly more yarn in my life next month!

Thinking: about what to make for my mum and my niece for their birthdays, coming up in April.
Admiring: socks, jumpers and shawls…on Instagram…and on Ravelry.
Sorting: clothes….
Bookmarking: my eldest son’s new programmes: reading, maths and spelling…I never had any of these and still managed…it’s baffling.
Coveting: outdoor garden sets…for the above purchase.
Disliking: being far from friends and family.
Opening: up to new experiences (being photographed in a 3D exhibion while out with the au pairs I look after)…working.

Feeling: happy and excited.
Snacking: on nothing at all!
Helping: others by getting rid of toys and games this month.
Hearing: my kids in the bath, listening to their Toniebox.
Mixing: ….
Slicing: through cake earlier in the month for my youngest birthday… my good friend made the most amazing cake for a joint party.

Celebrating: birthdays!
Forgetting: that life can actually be absolutely amazing!
Winning: at yarn chicken….bought two skeins of this Brooklyn Tweed Peerie yarn and only needed one for socks for my eldest.

Pretending: to be an expert at WordPress…I really have a lot to learn!
Sneaking: an episode of ‘Killing Eve’ in during the week…when I was meant to be working.
Embracing: my gorgeous son on the way to the zoo…I love him to the moon and back (both of them).